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[Minamata, Ashikita area employment creation meeting] About exhibition to various business talk exhibitions

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 Exhibit product of food-related business operator of Minamata, Ashikita area in this meeting in business talk exhibition

By publicizing widely to companies of here outside the area, duties expansion of local company and

For the purpose of planning job creation, it recruits exhibition proprietor to business talk exhibition as follows.


1 exhibition name
(1) FABEX Kansai 2020

Date: From Wednesday, October 28, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to 30th Friday
Place: Intex Osaka (1-5-102, Nankoukita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi)



(2) Food Style 2020
Date: From Wednesday, November 11, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to 12th Thursday
Place: Malin Messe Fukuoka (7-1, Okihamamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka)



The number of the subscription for 2 companies
Each exhibition 4 company


3 exhibition summaries
(1) Application qualification assumes company meeting the following requirements.
・Office where the head office, branch, office, related facility including factory are in Minamata, Ashikita area                                               ・Have product which was already finished in food manufacturing industry and producer
・Proprietor who can make various documents which business talk sheet, they for buyer appoint
・Being able to place the staff in booth in all time during period
(2) Please refer to column of "4 burden of expenses" for exhibition expenses.
(3) Application to plural exhibitions is possible, too, but when the number of the applications exceeds, we examine the past exhibition situation or past approach contents in our meeting and will decide exhibition company. Please note that I may decline exhibition by the application situation or exhibit. In addition, after the exhibition decision, we may have you bear the actual expenses of expense that it took when we cancel exhibition on account of the exhibition company.
(4) We give advice, and placement in exhibition space and booth coordinates with exhibition company, but this meeting will be finally decided in consideration of exhibits.
(5) About transportation to venue of exhibit, please go in exhibition company. In addition, this meeting does not take any responsibility about the damage, loss, the damage by accidents transporting.
(6) You have a business talk in booth to employee (local agency and partner do not include), and, during exhibition period, please publicize. In business talk, decision-making, being able to do it person who can do price negotiation, please participate. In addition, please prepare stationery, equipment for sampling by each person.
(7) During session and session later, please cooperate with questionnaire that sponsor and this meeting perform (questionnaire shares information in related organizations to use as reference of business that future sponsor and this meeting perform, but may not disclose information without agreement of presenter to the outside. In addition) which may have you refrain from following participation as for the cases of non-submission.
(8) Apparatus using naked lights is not available in venue.
(9) This meeting does not take responsibility about theft, fire in this business, accident in venue, the damage, loss, the damage on the grounds of any other causes.


4 burden of expenses
(1) Expense that this meeting bears
・Exhibition charges
・Expense (we install within the budget) pertaining to display and decoration
・Equipment rental expense (we install within the budget) in venue
・The electric fee for use
(2) Expense that exhibition proprietor bears
・The travel expenses
・Shipping charge of exhibit
・Local transportation expenses, meal charges
・Additional decoration and equipment expense (as much as we exceed budget and install)
(3) Others
About burden of expense admitted that it is necessary any place other than (1), (2) mentioned above, it is decided after discussion (the range of budget).


5 application methods
Please mail "application, written consent, company profile" (pamphlets).


Deadline for 6 applications
It must arrive by 17:00 on Thursday, June 18, 2020 (Raiwa 2)


7 applications, reference
Minamata, Ashikita area employment creation meeting secretariat charge Miyamoto
Address: 2670, Ashikita, Ashikita-machi, Ashikitagun, Kumamoto
Phone number 0966-82-5572
FAX number :0966-82-3596
E-mail :[email protected]

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Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau
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Fax: 0966-82-3596
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