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Thing about the wild birds and beasts (capture, the sickness and wound birds and beasts)

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 In Yatsushiro area full of nature, the wild birds and beasts inhabit imminent place. These creatures contribute to maintenance of natural environments and healthy development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry.
 Therefore "law about protection of the birds and beasts and adequacy of hunting" is set to plan healthy development such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry while planning protection of the wild birds and beasts, and receiving blessing of natural environments.

To capture the wild birds and beasts

 Method of capture of the wild birds and beasts includes capture (law Article 39) by (1) hunting, (2) permission capture (law Article 9).
 We cannot capture the wild birds and beasts without permission because damage occurs.

If we find the wild birds and beasts which weakened for injuries

  We may see the wild birds and beasts which cannot move for injuries on park or the roadside. We give treatment, rehabilitation in gamekeeping center of Mifune-machi (096-282-2651) and, about these sickness and wound birds and beasts, take the system to let leave to the wild in Kumamoto. In addition, about things performing the harmful birds and beasts capture with type damaging agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry such as brown-eared bulbuls, we do not protect.

  ※Depending on relief individual, it is necessary to go through the procedure based on the foreign uncooked food methods.
  ※Because there is case to mistake young bird and calf for the sickness and wound birds and beasts, and to protect, and to accommodate, it is necessary to prevent "misconception relief" from occurring. Please do not touch capita which are not hurt.

About bird flu

 Migratory birds such as ducks are seen in autumn from the time, and, in Kyushu, bird flu virus may be confirmed from these birds.
 However, it is not necessary to doubt bird flu promptly because one or two wild birds are dead at garden.
 When we discover several death wild birds, please let know to Yatsushiro Area Promotion Bureau Tsutomu Hayashi section (0965-33-3604).
 In addition, managers of sites, please dispose as general garbage when it is off subject of examination based on correspondence level.

 (about the death wild bird)
 In Kumamoto, we perform inspection based on correspondence technical manual (September 6, 2011 public announcement) pertaining to highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild bird which Ministry of the Environment sets forth.
 In addition, correspondence is different and distinguishes subject of examination wild bird by correspondence level for each correspondence level 1-3 depending on the outbreak situation in cooperation with related organizations such as domestic animal public health centers and carries out simple inspection of the death wild bird.

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