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Rush product

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We are proud of best quality and quantity in Japan with history of reclamation

Special product which inherits history and tradition of history sight-seeing 500 years. Rush.    

Special product which inherits history and tradition of 500 years. - rush

 It is informed with opening that Prince master of sedimentary soil banked lord of a castle [agetsuchijoshu], Iwasaki Tadahisa Umamori [iwasakishimenokamitadahisa] of Yatsushiro recommended rush cultivation now in the territory about 500 years ago. Iwasaki Shrine worshiping Isao Iwasaki is built in the ruins of sedimentary soil banked-jo Castle and collects faith of local resident.
  Because most of Yatsushiro plains are blessed with water at reclaimed land, Yatsushiro area is known as the number one in Japan rush production place. For 1:00 period, we are affected by foreign cheap rush, and amount of production has largely decreased, but we work on selective breeding or development of new rush product while Japanese culture is reviewed some other time, and food development that stood on utilization and health intention to new life space is performed lively.
 Product using rush is used to interior and food other than cushion and coaster, bag, Japanese paper, and width of the utilization greatly spreads as local special product for eight generations.   

  Iwasaki ShrineIwasaki Shrine

 Process of manufacture [flower mat]
Raw materials: Rush

Process of manufacture

 Of rush product coherent to life


 Rush product is utilized at every place by humidity adjustment and temperature regulation, characteristics such as the air cleanliness and the robustness. With igusa building (ion Yatsushiro SC), display, sale of each product are carried out and can learn history or quality.
Rush product

Daily necessities using rush    Daily necessities using rush

igusa building
Suggestion (ion Yatsushiro SC "igusa building") of Japanese-style room consisting of all rushes

Craft Studio Address Contact information, homepage Visit Experience Dealer
Rush product Eiichi Kubota store 3769, Kozukemachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(Sundays and holidays, tray, New Year holidays fixed closing day)
It is 0965-34-8558 TEL Eiichi Kubota store, Kumamoto folkcraft building,
Kumamoto Prefecture Product Shop, igusa building
Rush crafts Okuda 600-6, Inouemachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-33-6514 TEL - Rush crafts Okuda
Inoue Sangyo 1063-2, Kawatamachihigashi, Yatsushiro-shi
(Saturday and Sunday, celebration, tray, New Year holidays fixed closing day)
It is 0965-39-0055 TEL Inoue Sangyo, Kumamoto folkcraft building,
igusa building
Sakai farm output 239-1, Minamiheiwamachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-35-9936 TEL
- Sakai farm output, igusa building
Hikita tatami mat factory 4174, Takashimamachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(day fixed closing day)
It is 0965-34-6551 TEL
Hikita tatami mat factory
Child of water 65, Wakasu, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(Sundays and holidays, tray, New Year holidays fixed closing day)
It is 0965-52-6727 TEL - - Child of water, Hikawa-cho dragon north product building
(bistro green)
Shizuo Sonoda store 254-1, Senchomachishinmuta, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-46-0064 TEL Shizuo Sonoda store, beautiful hot water Chinese restaurant (byusaikan)
Family farm OKA 57, Kagamimachihode, Yatsushiro-shi It is 0965-52-0965 TEL
Eco-network 98 461-5, Kagamimachikagamimura, Yatsushiro-shi dorufu It is 0965-52-7373 TEL Jusco Yatsushiro store (igusa building)

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