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Excellent work which is trained many times many times, and shines

We hate high technique of history sight-seeing swordsmith now.   Closing a bargain knife

We hate high technique of swordsmith now. - closing a deal knife  History of Higo closing a deal knife of Yatsushiro is old. In Einin of the Kamakura era, do "the amount of height of priesthood swordmaker Kongo soldier of the Imperial Guard source" [toukoukongohyoeminamotomoritaka] of Dazaifu treasure all the bonzes with founder of a religious sect, is 13 generations in Chikuzen country. Afterwards, according to Prince Tadaoki Hosokawa [we just get up], we have history of about 700 years as swordmaker of Myouken shrine mountaineering ascetic [myokenguusyukenja] in Yatsushiro-shi. Based on technique of swordsmith, it is total handicraft needing high technique from forge welding of steel to fire polishing forging, heat-treatment, grind finish to ground iron.
Fire polishing forging  Leading [basket] (part entering pattern) is doing figure of stupa [sotoba] with wish that cut person enter Nirvana as for the characteristic of sword of Kongo soldier of the Imperial Guard peacefully. We live by production of general knives such as home, gardening, agriculture and forestry use and, including honshokuyochubun*shuda chi knife, continue up to the present day after 21 daichuhidarieimonsei of the late Tokugawa period period determined family precepts of without "making living by swordmaker".

 Process of manufacture [closing a deal person knife]

Raw materials: Blade iron…Carbon steel, metal for knife…Soft iron for knife
We take materials Heat up in fire polishing furnace (coal),
We interrupt with graver.
Forge welding (tansetsu) We put blade iron between metal and we sprinkle adhesive and heat boric acid to 1,100 degrees - 1,200 degrees and do forge welding.
Fire polishing forging We repeat 3-4 times of heating, forging after the forge welding and make the original form with hammer.
Annealing We bake and we take rust after annealing and take distortion at the time of forging already once.
We take form We cut into each form.
Carved seal case We drive carved seal.
Forming We sound the whole with hammer lightly.
Roughing We mold shape with grinder.
Hardening process We heat up equally in fire polishing furnace (coal, charcoal) and rigidify required part after quenching with water.
Fried return Suitable-related omotasutame to pitch a camp at,
After having baked by fire polishing lightly, we air-cool.
Forming We swat and smooth off.
We finish and grind We prepare for wet process whetstone with wild average, finish and we note fever in grinding that the point of a sword bakes and returns, and not to go up than temperature and finish.
Rust prevention processing We remove dirts and paint with anticorrosive varnish.
Pattern charge account We drive handle buttocks of knife into tree pattern made with the other process.
The refined beauty of Japan
 Art sword [Kanesada Kimura] 

 Person of Kimura is the ninth generation now in pedigree where we acted as the Hitoyoshi lord of a castle, order swordsmith of the Sagaras from generation to generation. Sword for art admiration that gathered the best of Japanese traditional techniques that were often selected for new item fine sword exhibition has ultimate beauty that Japanese are touched by.

Art sword [Kanesada Kimura]

Art sword [Kanesada Kimura]
Work of art which was created from Japanese sword
   Sword guard made in Higo district [height of Higo closing a deal knife]

 We follow the tradition now, and seikoka which continued making knife and sword as goyo** of Myouken shrine from the Edo era makes sword guard made in Higo district which we put beautiful work for.

Sword guard made in Higo district [height of Higo closing a deal knife]
Knife for gift-giving 

 Knife cut off evil from ancient times, and it was said that we opened up good luck and we worshiped variously and were used for thing and ceremony. As felicitous event has a used meaning, it is pleased for present.

Knife for gift-giving
Art product Studio Address Contact information, homepage Visit Experience Dealer
Closing a deal knife Height of Higo closing a deal high knife 434, Miyajimachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-32-4643 TEL

Height of Higo closing a deal high knife (the head office),
Route 3 store, Kumamoto folkcraft building
Saito knife tool shop 69-7, Miyaharaeikyu, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-62-2155 TEL

Saito knife tool shop, town structure liquor shop,
Hikawa-cho dragon north product building (bistro green)
Art sword Kanesada Kimura 1580, Futamishimoonomachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-38-9239 TEL

Kanesada Kimura studio

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