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A certain warmth work that is full of variety

Height and device of quality usable for many years are proud of history sight-seeing.        Fitting

We are proud of height and invention of quality usable for many years. - fitting 

 Yatsushiro that was area where woodwork was prosperous by high quality wood carried out by the Kuma River and Hikawa water system. Not to speak of high quality, the history breathes in the feel, robustness.
 Wooden furniture and furniture which are property. Craftsmen know everything about type or characteristic of tree to be able to endure longtime use and inherit a great variety of means (method of the joining) and wisdom and technical accumulation and open them up. We assume total handicraft basics, and, in traditional construction method not to use gold needle, thought of craftsman is put.
 We are not just strong. Through appearance or the feel, it may be property conveying, heart of warmth and craftsman of tree "uses thing for people carefully". We want to touch, and charm of woodwork which increased a person's technique and sensitivity for life of tree which lived in several hundred years for several decades to feel.

Chinese box

 Process of manufacture (fitting)
Raw materials: Zelkova, kusu, cherry blossoms, shioji
Drying By tree class from three years for around ten years,
We let you naturally dry.
Timber conversion We make timber conversion according to texture, color, patterns.
Work We know habit of wood well enough and use for many years
It is traditional so that confusion does not come even if we do
It is worked Class ant sword stoppers with handicraft of this
We do this.
Assembling Is made with board by product, the making of Kamachi
We assemble in this.
The painting It is lacquer, lacquer, urethane by tree class
We paint with nadoo.
Mechanism top of astonishment
hikoichi top [hikoichi top]
 Top of unique form about hikoichi wit talk to reach Yatsushiro. It is lovely dolls such as raccoon dogs, but transforms ourselves into head, trunk, umbrella, stand, four tops of tail visually.
Mechanism top of astonishment
Pretty doll toy
okinjo doll [Kuwabara bamboo work shop]
 It was in the latter half of the Edo era, and there was beautiful woman of melon seed face "not to rise" in Hinagu Onsen. It came when like bather mookino one of distant place. It is opening that country woman remembers the figure as okinha left young the world and makes doll, and put on sale.
Pretty doll toy
Good sensitivity has many users, too
Woodenness is saved [Zaitsu fishing tackle]
 Of product made in only paulownia in the prefecture is isolated. Masterpiece which sharpened chip of wood with the help of long-time perception, and focused on usability and vivid coloring.
Good sensitivity has many users, too
Craft Studio Address Contact information, homepage Visit Experience Dealer
Fitting Woodwork bunch hinokawa 671-1, Miyahara, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(first 3 Wednesday, tray, New Year holidays fixed closing day)
It is 0965-62-2133 TEL

Woodwork bunch hinokawa
Person of five-so crafts 86, Izumimachihagi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday/tray, New Year holidays fixed closing day)
It is 0965-67-5377 TEL

Person of five-so crafts, Kumamoto folkcraft building
hikoichi top hikoichi top 955-1, Miyahara, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-62-2506 TEL

hikoichi top, Kumamoto folkcraft building, town structure liquor shop, ritsushinkyorijikoen
okinjo doll Kuwabara bamboo work shop 315, Hinagunakamachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-38-0336 TEL

Kuwabara bamboo work shop, Kumamoto folkcraft building, Kumamoto Prefecture Product Shop, Kumamoto Bunkanomori
Woodenness is saved Zaitsu fishing tackle 381-5, Miyahara, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(Saturday and Sunday, celebration, tray, New Year holidays fixed closing day)
It is 0965-62-2131 TEL 

Zaitsu fishing tackle, town structure liquor shop, ritsushinkyorijikoen
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