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There is mountain which there is the sea in, and there are plains. Special product which inherits geographical advantage and climate of Yatsushiro.

 Yatsushiro area has the marine bioluminescence sea of inland sea to the west, and central part forms rice field plains that we opened by old reclamation. Kyushu Mountains spread through the east, and clear streams of Hikawa flow including the one of the Japan's three biggest fast flowing streams Kuma River rising from these forest.
 Product noigusa, tomato, Banpeiyu which the rich earth, sea, mountain, blessing of river raise are number one in Japan all. And miso pickles of tofu which handed down wisdom of ancient people are special products proud of of Yatsushiro.


Anyway, Banpeiyu (pampeiyu) huge


 Banpeiyu of fragrance that flesh is plentiful, and is refreshing. Anyway, it is huge. The nation's largest citrus fruits.
 Approximately 90% of national amount of production are occupied in Yatsushiro. Yatsushiro district is the sole production center both in name and in reality. Big thing becomes about 3 kilograms, head of child. As jukuki ripened late than Taiwanese native species, white citron (peiyu), it was named Banpeiyu.
 As the appearance is beautiful in daika, and other citrus fruit having few refined sweet smell and preservation characteristics are high, and higher than do not change in quality in the room of normal temperature for one month either, what we serve as admiration, flavor and decorate for a while at tokonoma and the entrance will be good. Rind of a fruit is used in Banpeiyu pickles, and there are cakes such as jelly, too.


Nickname that it is easy to get close to, hachibee tomato

hachibee tomato

 We mend reliable tomato by security. Crystal of such faithful thought of producer have guy; tomato "hachibee." Using yellow lights, we try for gennoyakusai*. Gentleness, taste are loved, and amount of production is proud of Japanese one. The naming is on from what that combined "it is flat" with "eight" of Yatsushiro plains. For the name, love and friendly feeling of producer are put.

 The soil of Yatsushiro plains that spread through the sea by reclamation soon is high in salinity and is brought up with minimum water and nourishment. It is small, and sugar content 8 degrees that condensed vitamins, mineral, amino acid tightly or more delicious tomatoes are salt tomatoes.


Tea-growing district where there is tea picking experience

Tea picking

 Choice tea "Izumi" of flavor that is rich, and is rich. Mountain deep fog, Waters and Land are fragrant and bring up expensive tea. When season of the fresh green approaches, mountain tea plantation shines in beautiful green. In the eighty-eighth day from the setting-in of spring getting closer, we seem to hear song of such a quiet tea picking in the summer. Experience-based tea picking by general participation is carried out every year in the end of April, too.


Excellent supporting role, ginger not to be able to miss


 It is tofu served cold, hard-boiled fish to basashi. Ginger is, so to speak, excellent supporting role, indispensable existence. It is said to be "village of best ginger in Japan" from high quality, and farmers of about 90% in area cultivate Toyo-cho, Yatsushiro-shi (former Toyo-mura). As for a lot of ginger artefacts such as miso pickles, shiso pickles, candy, rice cracker. Ginger Festival is held in October.


We stuff our mouth with Hinagu tubular fish meat hot from the oven and want to stride

Hinagu tubular fish meat

 Chikuwa turns around round and round and is baked when we walk hot-spring resort of Hinagu tempted by fragrant smell. Fresh pike conger and silver jewfish produced in the Hinagu sea near the shore are fully used. Fried vertical burning hot ohoobaruto is strangely satisfactory. Reason is different from always eating.


aa of seasonal Yoshino pear, end-to-end shiikoto

Yoshino pear

 As for the pear to add golden fruit to from summer to autumn, that freshness is unbearable. On hill of Yoshino of Hikawa-cho (former Ryuuhokumachi), Niitaka (or) of good luck water, brimming with water, jumbo pear bathes in sunlight full and greatly grows and is shipped to home and abroad. Marathon event to run in course of pear field is held in September.


Health-oriented deigusani attention that good thing is good


 We try to remember that sweet smell of tatami facing. After all, it is good. igusatoieba Yatsushiro. Anyway, Kumamoto occupies amount of production of national about 90%, and 95% of those are concentrated in Yatsushiro.
 It is processed into growth, tatami facing and various naigusa products so as to surpass a person's height if it is hot summer. We work on branding that we used excellent kind hinomidorio for recently.


Tofu Misozuke which was handed down from defeated soldier of Heike

Tofu Misozuke

 Miso pickles of tofu which is introduced from defeated soldier of Heike, and is said to be about 800 years. Anyway, it is delicious when we put on rice as old preservation food and omoi breath and dish. Unique taste that mellow taste such as cream cheese, flavor of miso heard. It is loss if we do not know gem which wisdom and the aging create.


We quit with ginger soy sauce, and number and others tofu is good with Nishime

Number and others tofu

 Harder tofu which got a grip with moisture, and overcharged. Even if we slice thinly and eat with ginger soy sauce, soup stock soaks even if we eat with Nishime and is delicious. It is said that it came to be called in this name from there firm so as not to be broken even if it grows in number and others and lowers to hand. It is characterized by storable duration being good. Miso pickles are soft, too and are delicious.


Sweetfish of the Kuma River

Sweetfish of the Kuma River

 There are several famous rivers as production center of sweetfish, but it is said that this is because diet of sweetfish and production capacity of diatom that it is are high because the quality of the water of river has good one which sweetfish of the Kuma River is particularly famous for, and light of the sun reaches to the bottom of a river. What is trained in fast flowing stream whether the shallows and deep water are rich is one of the big factors. The firm body is valued high to Japanese food with high refined taste and fragrance tightly.
 Foods grilled with salt are delicious, too, but candied fish is also particular. If taste strongly soaks, and, from head to point of tail, it is fluffy. Fragrance of sweetfish spreading in mouth is unbearable.


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