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Dyeing and weaving thing

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The color beauty of elegance and simplicity shines

We continue protecting scene of festival of pattern that is the history sight-seeing old days.    The azalea festival up

We continue keeping scene of traditional festival. The -5 moon festival up  In celebration of birth of child, carp streamer and picture of samurai in combat flag to put up in hope of healthy growth are indispensable to the Boy's Festival (May 5, Children's Day). The derivation was said to be Nara era, and event to avoid disease and accident was performed in those days. In what was tied to gift of birth of boy, it is imagined that influence of military administration was big after the Kamakura era. In early period of Edo era waterfall flag "of" carp of success in life come to be said, and then settle as Japanese pastimes that gives poetic charm until today.
  We continue technique that of popularity, background image concerning tradition of each place touches dye on brush as for the picture of samurai in combat made in Yatsushiro area and describes in by hand one by one.

There are many forms that carp streamer does not turn into from the old days, but mini-size for housing complex and apartment increases recently, too.
  It changes with passage of times little by little, but it is different in traditional scenery of Japan which we want to leave forever, and there is not.

                       Dyeing and weaving thingDyeing and weaving thing

 Process of manufacture [the azalea festival up]
Raw materials: Cotton, dye
Manufacture of paper pattern We draw sketch of picture of samurai in combat on paper pattern which laminated Japanese paper in astringent juice and carve with knife. Design is 20 kinds in two pictures of samurai in combat and three pictures of samurai in combat now.
Cutting of cloth We cut Amagasa cotton made sarashi (we leave) in senshitayo to approximately 5.5-8.5m depending on design.
Print of design We get paper pattern wet in water and stick on wooden frame. We put cloth for cotton with pin on the model small wooden stand and paint with special paste which made wooden frame and paper pattern which we stuck with stack, sticky rice on the cloth with tree spatula and do model charge account.
Drying We dry cloth put out print of design.
Dyeing We paint with dark-blue of back by brush. We provide heaviness and Fukami by "shading off" or "stack coating" as characteristic of freehand drawing to add color to using brush of big things and small things in design (use of around 14 colors of present).

Washing with water


"Flag" which ended coloring of design of color after losing, and having done heat-treatment (80 degrees Celsius - 100 degrees Celsius) for oyobi bi solidity for about 30 minutes, dip into water for a while, and drop paste which did model charge account, and pull frame of top and bottom of washing in water flag, and dry by the sun.  
The complexion We pull part of face with Nobuko (sincere) with pin with well dry "flag" and describe the facial features or mustache.  
Finish Depending on order, we put family insignia and we sew chichi to let pole go through and are finished.


 Generally, it is hung at the domestic entrances, and there is thing of various hues. It is still used habitually by traditional technique widely.

 Short coat (short coat) 

 It did like work clothes with short coat (short coat) old town fireman put family insignia in the back to avoid sparks, and to have worn and used. We worship now and are often spent for things, and there are various types of things.

Short coat (short coat)

 We are utilized as interior well, and delicate hue is dyed very vividly and can turn atmosphere and image of room easily recently.

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Dyeing and weaving thing Hiramoto dyer ground 556, Kagamimachikagamimura, Yatsushiro-shi
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It is 0965-52-1311 TEL - Hiramoto dyer ground
aisen of dyed goods 192-1, Hayao, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
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Sedge dyer place 1543, Kashima, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
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