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Art that yatsushirono soil and person create

Takada ware conveying the best of elegance of Prince history sight-seeing Tadaoki Hosokawa

We convey the best of elegance of Prince Tadaoki Hosokawa. - Takada ware  Ancestor begins in *kosonkai [whether loss] (the Japanese name: Kizo Agano [aganokizo]) brought over accompanying Prince Kiyomasa Kato after "position (1592) of Bunroku" having opened kiln in Buzen country Ueno [buzennokuniagano] in 1602.
  Afterwards, Takada ware [koudayaki] became order kiln of the Hosokawas and when Prince Tadaoki Hosokawa [we just get up] entered as the Yatsushiro lord of a castle in 1632, we followed and moved to this ground. The Lord of Tadako leaves much cultural heritage for celebrity as cultured person of Rikyu seven great thinker in Yatsushiro. Dignity that Takada ware all the more has high artistry mainly on technique of celadon porcelain inlay [politics inlay] unlike daily potteries(N,,pottery)/PL/ features flavor that there is.
  We open kiln at first in Nara tree [naragi] (existing Naragimachi, Yatsushiro-shi) of Takada and move to Hirayama before long. Ascending kiln of Hirayama kiln barely leaves model now and can remember flourishing business of the past. There is grave of Kizo Agano who came according to the Lord of Tadako in those days near.
  Technique that has been inherited is followed from generation to generation and, for 400 years, can still see making earthenware that we put together in the times.
Takada ware Takada ware

 Process of manufacture [Takada ware]
Raw materials: Hinagu [hinagu] potter's clay, Amakusa clay for chinaware
Raw materials crush It dries and crushes soil sample and sifts.
Elutriation We make slurry [deisho] by stirring [stirring] plane or manual labor and make elutriation [suihi].
Dehydration We spin-dry with dehydration, manual labor or filter press.
Soil kneading on fire We work out with manual labor or soil kneading on fire machine.
Molding We mold in * potter's wheel, electric potter's wheel, gypsum mold.
Finish  At the time of half dehydration, we finish with strip of stout smooth paper with gold leaf planes.
Inlay We sculpt dent by bamboo Bella or sealing and we fill up Amakusa clay for chinaware and are crowded and finish the surface.
Drying We completely dry.
Unglazing We make bare firing at 700-950 degrees.
hodokoshiuwagusuri We hang glaze which we mixed with soil ash, feldspar, lime.
This firing We burn at 1,250-1,300 degrees by gas kiln, heavy oil kiln.
Usability and warmth
  Tableware [*boritsushinkyo] 

 There is pottery near ritsushinkyo where quay and valley where it is eroded, and there was lime rock formation of Hikawa-cho are beautiful. Work coherent to tableware and vase, life including tea service set is the center. Rich hue and simple form let anyone feel acceptable friendly feeling.

Tableware [*boritsushinkyo]
Humorous ceramic ware
hikoichi, garappa doll [Sue garden Abe of hobby]  

 It is doll of ceramic ware about local legend and folktale for eight generations. Particularly, familiar hikoichi is pleased with as souvenirs with popularity for kappa (trumpet) and "wit" said to have come from Mainland China in the Kuma River.

hikoichi, garappa doll [Sue garden Abe of hobby]


Craft Studio Address Contact information, homepage Visit Experience Dealer
Takada ware Ueno [agano] kiln 174, Hinaguhigashimachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-38-0416 TEL
Ueno kiln, Kumamoto folkcraft building, Tsuruya Department Store
Yatsushiro kiln 1951-3, Kamikatamachi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-30-7872 TEL Yatsushiro kiln, Kumamoto folkcraft building, Kumamoto Prefecture Product Shop, Tsuruya Department Store
Biography seven kiln 229, Ima, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(without holiday)
It is 0965-62-2452 TEL Biography seven kiln, Kumamoto folkcraft building, town structure liquor shop,
ritsushinkyorijikoen, Kumamoto Prefecture Product Shop, Tsuruya Department Store
Dragon original kiln 858-2, Amido, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-52-1817 TEL Dragon original kiln, Hikawa-cho dragon north product building (bistro green)
Tableware *boritsushinkyo 615, Tategami, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-62-4150 TEL *boritsushinkyo, ritsushinkyorijikoen,
Toyo Koryu Center Seseragi
Orchid grass firing pottery 362, Kagamimachikitashinchi, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-53-8070 TEL Home
hikoichijinkei, garappa Sue garden Abe of hobby 609, Okamachitanigawa, Yatsushiro-shi
(no fixed holiday)
It is 0965-39-0660 TEL Sue garden Abe of hobby

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