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We trace in fertility (rich) sao cultural assets of Yatsushiro

Historic spot and cultural assets which sleep there are eloquent, and the richness of blessing of mountain, village, river of Yatsushiro hands down.

While one, one speak, we will walk.

Many ancient tombs group left in the whole area shows ancient village, and, as for the historical fact of Mizushima handed down to Manyoshu, overseas culture group which came with Myouken faith in company of in romance in the Nara era and "Myouken shrine" is remembered. Climate of Yatsushiro that there is not of decoration is spelled to historic spot of breast King Yoshichika (kanenagashinnou) of the north and south morning service charges hidden in the Old foot (the falling foot) whole area, Mugijima-jo Castle of Ikue Konishi, Yatsushiro memoirs of unique Luis Frois.

Many historic spot and cultural assets tells early modern times, Tadaoki Hosokawa (sansai), footprint of culture cultural affairs of the Matsuis, stone wall of sluice of reclamation and stone bridge group - - whichever appearing in hometown of mason of Higo about history deep for a long time of Yatsushiro without a break in which times.

Charm of hometown Yatsushiro where Heike defeated soldier legend of person of five-so increased when we left a little, and was totally clogged up with Japanese history tightly. That rises to irreplaceable treasure to tie in the 21st century.

We make a tour of inspection in the Emperor Keiko marine bioluminescence sea (shiranuhi)
"Here country of fire, ozato (irregularity) of fire of county of Yatsushiro"

The Emperor Sujin followed by the Emperor Keiko do royal visit in Yatsushiro district from the mid-third century through the early fourth century, and, at this time, there remains in "country of fire, ozato or topographical record and the Kojiki and Nihonshoki of fire of county of Yatsushiro here".

It shows that Yatsushiro was connected with the center from the old times. Furthermore, as for the legend that spring sprang out when the Emperor Keiko prayed to God in "Mizushima." King of Osada remembers the late place of Emperor Keiko later and writes song in Mizushima.

"I make inquiry nyo Makoto is noble strangeness (kusu) or I am venerable though I spread and am Mizushima of this"

"Nosakano-ura Inlet yu crowd of Ashikita do not stand dream who sets sail, and chews bank to Mizushima"

It is old, and "note" comes up for "period" for eight generations from the times of all ages.

It strikes culture group - Yatsushiro of Myouken faith

Enshrined deity of Myouken shrine (Yatsushiro Shrine) is considered to be the polestar and the Big Dipper. And as God came over to Yatsushiro on tortoise snake; - -.

Is said that steal "clearly, and came on “, but; history book talks about culture group having Myouken faith having struck Yatsushiro for place of permanent residence from Mainland China in old days. It was window of continent culture for eight generations. Shrine was founded in Myouken and moved next with honorific term for empress, for dowager empress, for grand-dowager empress, the present Myouken shrine (Yatsushiro Shrine) which was lower shrine before long, and temple town (religious city) was born.

Nozu ancient tomb

Nozu ancient tomb group

 Village Mizushima of all ages
Village Mizushima of all ages
(Mizushimacho, Yatsushiro-shi)
Yatsushiro Shrine
Yatsushiro Shrine
(Yatsushiro Shrine = Myouken shrine)
Yatsushiro shrine which is dedicated to breast King Yoshichika
Yatsushiro shrine which is dedicated to breast King Yoshichika
(the Yatsushiro Shiromoto-maru trace)

The name of Yatsushiro continues from the ancient times.

The name of Yatsushiro (margin) already comes out to the Kojiki and Nihonshoki. The name of Yatsushiro is succeeded from the Nara era without changing.

It is said that will of eight = lot, dai = mean field by another view. In other words, many field dokoroo which opened out in the river mouth of the Kuma River is the wonderful names to mean.

Main event

Ancient tomb

Burial Mound age, the Hikawa basin whole area were under the control of you of powerful family fire.
Mt. great king ancient tomb (Hayao, Hikawa-cho) and Nozu ancient tomb group and the excavated article (including earring of money) show existence of powerful family at the time.


681 (Hakuho 9)
To culture group, Yatsushiro of Myouken faith (including *seitakoichiko, visit theory)


720 (4, Yoro)
We write song of King Osada Mizushima
771 (the Hoki era 2)
We are enshrined in Mt. Myouken God width

The Heian era

795 (the Enryaku era 14)
We found shrine in Myouken
1160 (Eiryaku 1)
Myouken God from upper shrine is utsushiza to honorific term for empress, for dowager empress, for grand-dowager empress
[the Myouken shrine era]
1186 (Bunji 2)
It is utsushiza to shrine below the honorific term for empress, for dowager empress, for grand-dowager empress in Myouken God

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