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Breast King Yoshichika

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To breast excellent (kanenaga) Imperial prince Yatsushiro.
We make Nawa (I), the Imperial prince Takada (like this)

Takada (like this) becomes the last base in Kyushu south morning

When we had the Kamakura Shogunate of Yoritomo Minamoto, and military administration continued, there was "new government of Kenmu" of the Emperor Godaigo, and Nawa did as benefit as the lord of a manor in distribution of honors (ronkoukousho) in Yatsushiro. Nawa built castle in the Old foot, and castle town was completed in the whole area. We added to temple town of previous Myouken shrine (existing Yatsushiro Shrine), and castle town was established. Two of religion culture and samurai family culture became pillar together and prospered in one ground for nearly 400 years.

Japan reaches the north and south morning service charges divided into two of the south morning of the Emperor Godaigo and the north morning of Takauji Ashikaga at that time. Nawa of the south early in the morning protects breast King Yoshichika appointed with the body of childhood by seiseidaishogun.

The Imperial prince who put seiseifu in Kikuchi was force to place Dazaifu under power at one time, but gradually retreated. Afterwards, we hand over generalissimo to His Imperial Highness Prince Yoshinari, and His Imperial Highness Prince Yoshinari moves to the Imperial Palace of Yatsushiro, Takada from Kikuchi successively, too.

Period of this Takada, Yatsushiro was about 40 years, but Yatsushiro left the name for history as the last ground of Kyushu south early in the morning. Many historic spots at the time are left now, and story is handed down, too.

Sagara enters Yatsushiro at Hitoyoshi after the times of Nawa for 150 years lasted. Sagara ruled Yatsushiro as war-torn country daimyo for more than 90 years, and, meanwhile, we began yohaiseki (yohaizeki) and made many waterways, and Tokunofuchi Port was full of traders to China.

Yatsushiro pardon leather (I'm sorry)

Beginning of pardon leather (Yatsushiro dyed leather) in the days of breast King Yoshichika. Because new model of new leather dyeing is made in addition to previous Tenpyo leather in the Shohei year (Shohei leather), and production and sale were forgiven in makiheiko of leather dyer, we are said with pardon leather. It was Higo noted product, presentation product, but there is not now.

As for the discovery of Hinagu Onsen these days. For about 600 years, hot water continues springing out.

Rush of native district industry was planted by Prince master of Iwasaki Tadahisa Umamori (iwasakishumenokamitadahisakou).

When Prince master of Iwasaki Tadahisa Umamori becomes the lord of a castle of Yatsushiro sedimentary soil banked (we put up soil) castle (Senchomachi, Yatsushiro-shi), we begin cultivation of rush promptly. For 500 years, as for the rush, it is as prefectural product of representative from Yatsushiro district afterward in straight production center of "best tatami facing “ in Japan.

Big festival of Iwasaki Shrine worshiping Prince master of Iwasaki Tadahisa Umamori (Senchomachiomuta, Yatsushiro-shi) is still prosperous.

Family temple truth temple
*hisagejisatorishinji of breast King Yoshichika
(Myoukencho, Yatsushiro-shi)
(Myoukencho, Yatsushiro-shi)
Misasagi of breast King Yoshichika
Misasagi of breast King Yoshichika
(Myoukencho, Yatsushiro-shi)
seiseifuato of Takada
seiseifuato of Takada
(Naragimachi, Yatsushiro-shi)

Remains of breast King Yoshichika (kanenagashinnou)

We show that His Imperial Highness Prince breast King Yoshichika followed by Yoshinari came to live in Yatsushiro.
Imperial mausoleum, padded silk garment mound of father, the Emperor Godaigo and mother
Buddhist memorial tablet of breast King Yoshichika brush signature
takara*into (hokyointou) of the Imperial prince brush signature
Takada Imperial Palace trace (hachidaiseiseifuato) of a breast excellent Yoshinari parents king
Grave ‥ ‥ of both Imperial princes
yohai (yohai) Shinto shrine, yohaiseki (yohaizeki)

Main event


The north and south morning

[Old foot castle era - -]
 First half year, Nawa Era
1334 (Kenmu 1)
It becomes benefit as the lord of a manor of Yoshitaka Nawa, Yatsushiro-so
1347 (Shohei 2)
We put seiseifu to Takada Miyazono containing for breast King Yoshichika, eight generations
1381 (natural gifts 7)
We build takara*into (hokyointou) for breast King Yoshichika, the real mother
1390 (Genchu 7)
From His Imperial Highness Prince Yoshinari, Uto Yatsushiro case
1392 (Genchu 9)
Honorific term for empress, for dowager empress, for grand-dowager empress Satoru Yama truth temple, the foundation


[Old foot castle era - -]
 The middle, the Nawa, Sagara rivalry era
1409 (the Oei era 16) Hinagu Onsen discovery
[Old foot castle era - -]
 Latter period, Sagara Era
We plant Prince master of 1505 (the Eisho era 2) Iwasaki Tadahisa Umamori, rush containing for 1504 (the Eisho era 1) Nagatsune Sagara, eight generations
1539 (astronomy 8)
The foreign trader "Ichiki-maru" launching

Azuchi, Momoyama

1582 (the Tensho era 10)
We take Yoshihisa Shimazu, Yatsushiro

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