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One country two-jo Castle

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metropolitan country, Yatsushiro of exception "one country two-jo Castle"

From Mugijima-jo Castle to Yatsushiro-jo Castle. Myouken festival begins, and Takada ware comes into existence.

We build Masakata Kato, Yatsushiro-jo Castle. Successively Tadaoki Hosokawa (sansai) to the lord of a castle.

Mugijima-jo Castle got by Ikue Konishi collapses by earthquake (1619, 1619).

One state or one castle ordinance appeared, but the rebuilding is permitted in exception, and bigger castle (Yatsushiro-jo Castle) is completed in the current ground. This is because Yatsushiro is base of the defense to Shimazu feudal clan and foreign countries geographically.

It is said that castle which cuts and brings down marble and limestone from Hakushima of the marine bioluminescence sea offing, and was built with wood from Hitoyoshi in Ishigaki shined white in night sky. With Maekawa as outer moat of nature, we begin to see face of inside of a castle and castle town among outer fences.

Next to the Katos, "the Kumamoto lord of a castle is dated castle command in Tadatoshi Hosokawa for life of the Shogunate in fusansai in Yatsushiro-jo Castle"; raremasu.

It is time of sansai 70 years old. We aimed at culture city Yatsushiro until we died at 83 years old. We launch God good luck line of Myouken shrine festival, and shipyard, business magnate display the eaves in Tokunofuchi and support festival. sansai prayed God saying "it is by human resources appearance to become Sakigake of variety of flowers" and planted resting dragon plum (garyubai) in circle of the Yatsushiro northern part of a castle. It is in full bloom in now 400 years later and conveys will of sansai.

sansai of Rikyu best disciple loves tea, and "tea" becomes popular with the name of Higo old manners. "Well *jinto" (stake person father) of teacake of sansai is suggestion.


Folkcraft birth of Yatsushiro

Making paper by hand Japanese paper

Making use of beautiful flow of the Miya River in Miyaji district, and making paper by hand Japanese paper coming to be made after "Sekigahara." It comes into existence arrow wall new Court Security Office of Yanagawa feudal clan is ordered by Kiyomasa Kato, and to have begun the making of Japanese paper and does. Kato → Hosokawa → It was inherited with the Matsuis, and Japanese paper of Miyaji was prosperous as sheet. Miyata is inheriting the history and traditional technique now.

Takada ware

It is opening that *kosonkai founded kiln to Nara tree of Yatsushiro with entering Yatsushiro-jo Castle of Tadako (sansai) from Ueno, Buzen.
 We are proud of elegant characteristic that classified white, black inlay (inlay) into celadon porcelain of Kokuryo. It is traditional craft on behalf of Kumamoto.

okinjo doll

It was in the latter half of the Edo era, and public bath of Hinagu Onsen was free, and put up at an inn was prosperous. There was beautiful woman of melon seed face which said, "we do not get up" in maid at hot springs these days. It came when we wanted to see bather mookino one of distant place. It is opening that country woman remembers the figure as okinha left young the world and makes doll, and put on sale. The beginning was clay idol, but it is said that it became doll full of rural beauty with woodenness like the present.

Hideyoshi and mandarin orange

Presentation, "delicious!" Hideyoshi were pleased with mandarin orange which people in Takada-mura stored to Hideyoshi who entered the Old foot castle (in those days Yatsushiro-jo Castle) very much.

Takada mandarin orange was given to the Imperial Court and family to inherit the shogunate afterward and became famous.

Yatsushiro that eyes that Luis Frois was blue looked at

According to his "Japanese history" "is clean beautifully, and Yatsushiro is fertile with beauty…….

Many beautiful rivers flow and a large number of chars rise and overflow. When it is not from sea route, it does not come to be able to climb (it gets), the town to one village this side where the sea enters the main town in the foot of castle to enter.

This does not secure the ground safely still more, but we save, and there is. Field of wheat and barley unfolds as far as we look around, and many temples appear in forest covered on elegant tree with the cleanliness and pleasant song of small birds is filled and overflows."

Mugijima-jo Castle diagram of a restored building
Mugijima-jo Castle diagram of a restored building
(Yatsushiro City Ueyanagi Elementary School storehouse)
The ruins of Yatsushiro-jo Castle
The ruins of Yatsushiro-jo Castle
(Matsuejomachi, Yatsushiro-shi)
Miyaji making paper by hand Japanese paper
Miyaji making paper by hand Japanese paper
(Myoukencho, Yatsushiro-shi)
Takada ware
Takada ware
(Yatsushiro-shi, Hikawa-cho)

Main event

Azuchi, Momoyama

[Mugijima-jo Castle era, Konishi, Kato Era]
1587 (the Tensho era 15)
We meet Hideyoshi in the Shimazu conquest, Luis Frois of Hideyoshi, the Old foot castle
We stay in Yatsushiro for four days from Hideyoshi April 19
1590 (the Tensho era 18)
We build Ikue Konishi, Mugijima-jo Castle and move from the Old foot castle
1600 (the Keicho era 5)
In Sekigahara no postwar period, we possess Kiyomasa Kato, the Higo whole land


 Miyaji making paper by hand Japanese paper production begins
1612 (the Keicho era 17)
Masakata Kato, Yatsushiro case
1619 (Genna 5)
We collapse by Mugijima-jo Castle earthquake
[the Yatsushiro-jo Castle era——
 First half year, last part of Kato, Hosokawa Era]
1622 (Genna 8)
Masakata Kato, Yatsushiro-jo Castle completion
It revives in Tadahiro Kato, Myouken shrine
1632 (the Kanei era 9)
December 25 Tadaoki Hosokawa (sansai), Yatsushiro case
It is beginning mu by Kizo Agano Yatsushiro firing
We enter the country according to father, sansai of Higo closing a deal, seikojimbutsu
1633 (the Kanei era 10)
We transfer taishoin from Kokura (it becomes back, sect cloud temple, Iwao Hata temple)

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