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Merchant power

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Nagasaki, Hakata, Yatsushiro Kyushu's three biggest merchant power.
"okunchi" "Dontaku" "Myouken festival"

The truth height of merchant power of Yatsushiro

In 1646, the Matsui interest head (old man) becomes Yatsushiro castle warden (status of the lord of a castle). That Musashi Miyamoto is the dead next year. The Matsuis settles a part of Yatsushiro, Ashikita and Shimomashiki-gun afterward for teenage 225 years.

Cause, Yatsushiro of the Matsuis face florescence. Both fortune of merchant's family and townsfolk and power grow big, and Myouken festival becomes popular more and more with that.

For the line including large ornamental parasol for a festival, lion dance, flower guy tortoise snake (steal) of Demachi was further added, and model of Kyushu's three biggest festivals and said current Myouken festival hardened.

I am amazed to learn if we hear that we assemble "it costing large ornamental parasol for a festival to dedicate in nine towns one 100 million yen" and more than 200 parts without design (by learning through the grapevine).

God good luck line that we did with mikoshi of cloud dragon which we drew of sansai in the lead still conveys merchant culture more than three hundred years ago in the same form. Gorgeousness of Yatsushiro citizen is minute and becomes traditional festival that we hid dignity and power in.

Mikoshi inside ceiling pictureMikoshi inside ceiling picture

Local promotion of mason group

"Industry power “ grows big with that when filled with power of townsfolk.

"700 Chinatown Area." Representative great reclamation business of 1821 (water extension 18
It is km, bridge 56, great project of sluice 53).

It was performed with conduct of kyocho**oku, Ryohei Kanokogi (row Ryohei) and taneyamalite mechanic and Sangoro Iwanaga from native district. We contributed to stone technique of mason, Sangoro Iwanaga. It is the Industrial Revolution of the Edo era. Field and rice, tomato of rush spreading wealthily now, local product of melon are blessings of result of one's hard work of ancient people.

Stone sluice and many Ishibashi show important industrial remains of an ancient structure and tell about footprint of history that led industry of Kumamoto as modern manufacturing town Yatsushiro and possibility to the future.

Ryohei Kanokogi is dedicated to by civil administration Shinto shrine, and statue of Sangoro Iwanaga who made many stone bridges is built in hometown and, in the large sheath (ozaya) knob, is continued singing.

We wrapped secret ingredient in humor
hikoichi wit talk

Yatsushiro castle town of the latter period in Edo notices "hikoichi banashi" which anyone knows live.

That the main character is from Demachi. (there is hikoichitsuka in Mitsunori temple).

Wit works and is humorous, and there is not dampishness. Large-scale. Temperament itself of Yatsushiro person with many acquaintances with foreign countries. And the backbone has rebellious spirit mind, resistance to power, too. Lord of Yatsushiro seemed to consent tacitly, too.

One of the property which only Yatsushiro has.

Tengu tokakuremino

 Sea bream that we went up hikoichi to X, sokonyakakureminobamottatengudongaorasugena with pine, loss crowd of Tengus in Mt. dragon peak.
 While high ka rock n going up, and putting on takampoba eyes, and looking
"agyantokoddegossokuiyorasu, umakagotarune which are wa a, ton."
It is loud voice baageta in this. Agar-agar flies
"Hey oremmokasankai hikoichi, loss eyes."
When "we are not made to vomit by X Tengu, person from kora by."
"Appear and do not run, do you not lend sogyaniwanden once?."
"Then Tengu, antanokakureminotokaekkoshitemimasshuka."
 It is castle bamitagenatai from tenguhashokkotsunya a tsurade, minobakashi, dogyantommiyuddokato thought, rock. However, we see nothing,
"Sea bream, dogyansuttoka which look like hikoichi, kora nothing."
"Sea bream which does not let you bloom which is the sky."
We seem to want to fold Mt. kakureminobakiteissanni fool kick while saying this.
 What kind of Tengu damasaretabba intellect is Kankan and face haokonattagenatai.
 hikoichi returns to town, and cannot hold thing which nobody knows, painoude, yopparoutesokodenemutteshimotattai immediately best among liquor ba stomach in liquor shop.
 However, see from the minokara thing master not to be able to hold who go over the budget, and took; tsukariminohatorare, thing which is burnt, and is banquet as for doing.
 Tengu, okakkete comes there
"kora hikoichi, nusha, yokumooribadamashitane, hayominobamodose."
"Such Tengu, amminobakitotta X kokon master nimikketaretabbai, kakureminoteusotai."
"sogyankotanaka, minobahayoyare."
"Tengu who is X, somminoha ash ninattoruken, ash ba body nitsukenasse."
 If rank tengumoshonnashini, the ash ba body, see, and engotsunattaken is relieved; and mountain nimodottagenatai. tokogga sweat ndeteminna ash falls, and doing is banquet.
(than Yashiro conference hall "hometown 100 episodes - summary version -")

Myouken festival large ornamental parasol for a festival "chrysanthemum noble-appearance boy's mask"
Myouken festival large ornamental parasol for a festival "chrysanthemum noble-appearance boy's mask"
Myouken festival mikoshi
Myouken festival mikoshi
Statue of Sangoro Iwanaga
Statue of Sangoro Iwanaga
(Kagamimachishibakuchi, Yatsushiro-shi)
Akamatsu first Megane-bashi Bridge
Akamatsu first Megane-bashi Bridge
(Futamiakamatsumachi, Yatsushiro-shi)
Figure of Yatsushiro castle
Figure of Yatsushiro castle

Main event


[Yatsushiro-jo Castle era - -]
 The middle, earlier period of Matsui Era
1645 (Masayasu 2)
Tadako (sansai) death
1646 (Masayasu 3)
Containing for August 13, interest long eight generations (30,000 koku)
1688 (the Genroku era 1)
We build Naoyuki Matsui, Shohinken Garden
1756 (age of an emperor 6)
Myouken shrine festival God good luck line, Bon festival dance of Ueyanagi (uyanagi) become more prosperous these days
[Yatsushiro-jo Castle era - -]
 The latter period, last part of Matsui Era
1821 (civil administration 4)
"700 Chinatown Area"
Every year U.S. 2,400 koku,
Of 1,600 koku of salt increase receipts
1822 (civil administration 5)
Hinagu Onsen Shrine, the rebuilding
1840 (the Tenpo era 11)
Akamatsu first Megane-bashi Bridge

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