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Industrial structure

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Many industrial remains of an ancient structure are crystals of consecration of ancient people

We feel even threatening language to industrial remains of an ancient structure living in now.

With conduct such as Kangoro Hashimoto, Sangoro Iwanaga and Ryohei Kanokogi, "community development “ which began at last part of Edo era builds the basics of local ground with creation of plateau of blessing for eight generations.

Still look at staying many sluices and Ishibashi one by one, and turn around; untying, and feeling by excitement of mind that simple; is not retro, and is because is crystal of single-minded consecration that loaded community development with.

All is handmade. It is a person's power.

The Meiji era began before long, and kojoyaniroguncho concentrated power on reclamation. We completed cause county Shinchi of the strong faith old. New industry (factory) became big base which came into existence.

The Kyushu first, cement factory, paper mill birth

Cement factory of "the Kyushu first" utilized neighboring abundant limestone
With (1890) as a start, we have Kyushu's first paper mill (Sakamoto-mura) (1896), and Yatsushiro leaves for manufacturing town.

People in neighboring agricultural areas cover work force, and another bustle is added for vitality of castle town. Chisso mirror factory (1912) was done, too.

Furthermore, brewing (existing Mercian Corp.) Yatsushiro factory (1939) of the Showa era comes into existence and enhances production with acceleration as the war industry that has just started.

For wartime, countryside and the shore reclaimed land are lined with new factories through postwar period and they grow and further invite record-breaking florescence to production of rushes.

Bustle of mall, entertainment district and Hinagu Onsen was "Kumamoto one “. Anyway salary per company work 173% of that of Kumamoto-shi, the amount of factory shipment
It is said that it was 2.5 times (per person).

The bustle will reach the sedation period in oil crisis (1973) and pollution issue. Fire that - - ever blazed notices like <get up> live.

The beginning "Shinkansen" of the new times

We came on seeing undulation of long history.

In ups and downs of history of the way of the world, Yatsushiro developed while taking important role of the times in the times. In what flowed, culture always became nucleus consistently in the root.

The Old foot, Myouken honorific term for empress, for dowager empress, for grand-dowager empress, lower shrine temple town, Mugijima castle town, important cultural property of each Yatsushiro castle town - - time have been handed down in now, too.

Intangible culture such as linked poem of Soin Nishiyama, tea ceremony of sansairyu toward culture city, Myouken enshrined deity good luck line roots, too.

In "Yatsushiro, many ancient documents and artworks are owned the Hosokawas 17th charges present head of a household, Morisada Hosokawa with the Matsuis by person of Medici and Matsui library of the Matsuis who described as saying it is thing such as relationship of Florence."

The Shinkansen came over.

New hope springs out how you make use of culture of Yatsushiro that has been cultivated for civilization called the Shinkansen. It became now when we cooperated and changed Dna of ancient people to energy and should advance. Let fire of <get up> flare up; and - -. We look forward to now.

shichihyakuchoshinjishioryuzu     shichihyakuchoshinjishioryuzu (Masaru Kanokogi storehouse)       
 Large octopus sluiceLarge sheath sluice (Senchomachikogade, Yatsushiro-shi, Kagamimachiryode)
Kyushu paper manufacture (existing Nippon Paper Industries) Fukami power station Kyushu paper manufacture (existing Nippon Paper Industries) Fukami power station (3, Sakamotomachinakatani, Yatsushiro-shi)
  Factory group of Yatsushiro   Factory group of ex-Yatsushiro (Jujo Paper) 
 Shinkansen Yatsushiro Station New line Shin-Yatsushiro Station

Main event


1890 (Meiji 23)
The Nihon Cement operation → 55, closure of the Showa era
1896 (Meiji 29)
The east manure paper manufacture (Sakamoto-mura) operation start
→The Kyushu paper manufacture → OJI PAPER
→Jujo Paper → Nishinihon Seishi (63, Showa dissolution)
1904 (Meiji 37)
County reclamation completion old

The Taisho era

1912 (large Shogen)
The nitrogenous fertilizer mirror factory operation in Japan
→Nissan chemistry → The 33, Showa closure
1924 (Taisho 13)
The Kyushu paper manufacture (existing Nippon Paper Industries Ltd.) Yatsushiro factory operation start


1930 (5, Showa)
Santoka Taneda, Hinagu Onsen
We stay at (weaver) and go to Kyushu Mountains
The accommodation is stored
1937 (12, Showa)
The Nisso artificial silk pulp (existing Kohjin) Yatsushiro factory operation start
1939 (14, Showa)
The brewing (existing Mercian Corp.) Yatsushiro factory operation start of the Showa era
1975 (50, Showa)
The Ykk Kyushu factory operation start


1989 (origin of Heisei)
YAMAHA Yatsushiro production
(existing YAMAHA Kumamoto products) establishment
2004 (16, Heisei)
Kyushu Shinkansen, the Hisatsu Orange Railway opening of business

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