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Musashi and Yatsushiro

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Of Musashi Miyamoto and Yatsushiro do to get
Secret that Musashi served Tadatoshi is in Yatsushiro.

Musashi counting on the Matsui interest head

At the time of game of that "Ganryujima", Tadako was the Kogura, Buzen lord of a castle. We became the Yatsushiro lord of a castle later. Senior retainer, Matsui interest head at that time acted as observer of game and took care of Musashi in various ways and was relationship of familiarity.

The Matsui interest head keeps Yatsushiro-jo Castle as senior retainer of Hosokawa feudal clan (we will keep Yatsushiro-jo Castle after the death of Tadako). Musashi gave letter (we ask for employment indirectly) to the interest head with the help of old relationship.

We looked good with "opportunity" when Musashi was invited to as guest of Tadatoshi Hosokawa Yatsushiro. Matsui interest long nakariseba of Yatsushiro, that Musashi might have been over as not living long at one place, too. Negative power of the Matsui interest head was big power to bind Musashi and Kumamoto together.

We discover in letter, Yatsushiro of two just Musashi of the whole country

Letter of Musashi

Letter (Yatsushiro City museum storehouse) of Musashi

Musashi Miyamoto letter

ichihitsusarujoko, yuumahine ni ji ha
tokoka*shikyokuho*ko, setsushaji
Edo, upward ni *zaiko is now after that
*gen he sansarugigofushinsarukahinariko,
sho ha yokoregiko heha *etsuko, *ryusaruko ha ゝ
*koshikasarujoko, osore*kingen,
shichitsukijuhachinichigenshin (paraph)
             Musashi Miyamoto
               Brahma-Deva and Sakra dev-an-am Indra

      Messrs. people 

Contents speak "thanks for having given correspondence (present) by (revolt of Shimabara) of Arima" and understand that both were in a relation of acquaintance from the revolt past of Shimabara. After "the revolt, Musashi was in Edo and the upper part, but there is business and is to Kumamoto now. We state, I want to see you (the interest head) as I will stay for a while. Musashi asked the interest head who had influential voice in Hosokawa feudal clan for employment indirectly.

It is important letter solving circumstances that Musashi would serve Tadatoshi in Kumamoto. The name of an era is not written down in letter, but seems to be 1640. This letter was sent, and government service of Musashi was realized in less than one month.

Description of Brahma-Deva and Sakra dev-an-am Indra is Yatsushiro, too

Important documents which should be also known as biography of Musashi written after the death of Musashi. We recorded statement of people and pupils who rich Shiro Tamata Seigo (1672-1749) of the Yatsushiro Matsuis vassal served Musashi directly, and received teaching, and it was completed for grandchild, view British three generations by child, plus Osamu. Musashi asked matsuikikore for trouble of post mortem pupils, and the biography "description of Brahma-Deva and Sakra dev-an-am Indra" was spelled in Yatsushiro as pupil moved to Yatsushiro by relations that had we pulled, and the Yatsushiro Matsuis take.

There is part which all cannot call historical fact, but there is reputation as thing which we wore as biography of Musashi. This "description of Brahma-Deva and Sakra dev-an-am Indra" and two of "Kokura epitaph" of Kokura mountain where a god is consecrated become base of Musashi story. Valuable material.

There is grave of Shiro Tamata Seigo full of the authors in light temple in spring of the Yatsushiro Old foot, and, besides, stone pagoda of "war mind" is built in the precincts. It is old historic temple related to Musashi.

Cultural assets which are left in the Matsuis

Many cultural assets of Edo period are stored at Matsui library of the Matsuis. There are valuable historical materials, artworks such as painting and calligraphic work, sword, saddle beginning, Sen no Rikyu concerned with Musashi, the Kasuga station, ancient documents of priest pickled daikon.

Cultural assets which are left in the Matsuis


Grave of Musashi whom there is in Yatsushiro

Grave of Musashi MiyamotoIn Yatsushiro, "mound of Musashi" and thing handed down are left in Yamate of Yatsushiro, Myouken-cho public hall for proof of niten-ichiryu school of Musashi having been prosperous.

Two towers of Olympics among fences around a shrine call with - padded silk garment mound when arrested a little along Tanikawa, and it is said that we bury padded silk garment which breast King Yoshichika had from father, the Emperor Godaigo in this ground after the Emperor demise and worshiped the Emperor.

It is carved with "winter of 1797, Murakami disciple -" on the "mound of Musashi Shinmen" side on monument, both sides that are slightly lower than height behind the padded silk garment mound.

Pupil of niten-ichiryu school Murakami group living in Yatsushiro built after the death of Musashi in the 152nd year.

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