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Meiji - present age

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Foreign technique entered in the Meiji era, and life of development people greatly changed

Yatsushiro Station

 The Edo Shogunate (edobakufu) which lasted 260 years now about 140 years ago disappeared, and new politics (politics) began. Interchange with foreign country became popular, and all commercial (shogyo) greatly changed industry (kougyo), industry (sangyo).
  After this, many factories (koujo) are had construction (construction) of in Yatsushiro and continue growing up to manufacturing town (kougyotoshi).

In this time when interchange with foreign country became popular, a lot of foreign culture entered Japan. It is about these days that it was prevalent as culture of clothes was added in culture of kimono, to wear shoes (shoes) and mantle and kimono in same (same).

Chronological table until Meiji - present age
yakkun, chirochanno exploration diary
yakkun, chirochanno exploration diary

・Port of gabion (basket grows on) map

 Port in the right bank (ugan) of branch, Maekawa of the Kuma River (Kumagawa). "The offing guard station" (we get up and write on a blackboard) was placed in the Edo era. After the Meiji era, large company (ogatakigyo) steps forward (advance). As departure and arrival point (hatchakuten) of periodical passenger boat (teikiryokakusen) with Amakusa turnout (nigi) waimashita. Morning market is performed on the early morning of every Sunday.
Address/Jakagomachi, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto
Tel/0965-33-4115 (hachidaishishomatsurigotokankoka)
・Honcho mall (hommachishotengai) map
 Mall of central city area (chushinshigaichi) of Yatsushiro-shi. It is connected by about 700 meters of arcades of straight line (chokusen) from 1, Honcho to 3. Size is the second in Kumamoto. It still does well as kitchen of life of local person.
Address/Honmachi, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto
Tel/0965-33-4115 (hachidaishishomatsurigotokankoka)

■■ It is Yatsushiro indeed
Manufacturing town, Yatsushiro
Mr. Hikoichi
 There were many factories by development (development) of (let's go), railroad and voyage (whether like this) after the Meiji Restoration (we believe Grandpa niece) of 1867 for eight generations having port. Cement factory of the first operates in Kyushu in 1890 (sogyo). This factory was the first modern factory (kindaikoujo) in Kumamoto. Afterwards, factories which made factory, liquor which made paper and manure (hiryo) were made in sequence, and Yatsushiro came to be called manufacturing town (kindaikougyotoshi) by area that was reclamation (kantaku) and rice field of the shore in modern times.
 In addition, igusano production became popular more and more, and mall (shotengai) and Hinagu Onsen (hinaguonsen) became the most lively place in Kumamoto.
 However, after "oil crisis" of 1973, pollution issues (kougaimondai) had occurred, too, and temporary gaiety was settled down little by little, too. Opening (we buy and go) of Kyushu Shinkansen (we learn moxacautery and do not shake) is also desired (hope) oninatteimasu of people in the future now.
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