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Kataoka Masa

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Kataoka Masa Kataoka Masa (1880-1973)

Life when we loved God and loved students

We are from Nagasaki. In 1910, we make an effort for women's education of Yatsushiro area for 44 years until we resign from foundation of private Yatsushiro adventure school (existing Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school High School) in 1954 (from 23 years the principal). We win Minister of Education commendation for 28 years. After the retirement, live a life of prayer at nazareto monastery of Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 48 nenkaesaten.

"Mr. Kitaoka! It's been a long time, ..."

 It is 1963. One sister got down on Yatsushiro Station. We seem with considerable advanced age, but we are doing steps well, and there is thing that brightness of eyes is powerful.
 Suddenly; smiled.
 "Teacher, teacher, Mr. Kataoka!"
 There was group of woman who ran platform. It is graduates of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school. The name of the person is Kataoka Masa. In their teachers, it was the really first reencounter in 10 years.
 Kataoka Masa will be 83 years old then. We came over all the way from Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa. Masa remembered foundation of private institution Yatsushiro adventure school which was forerunner of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school gradually in 1910 while seeing face of ex-student. That was thorny sailing of number of students only 41 people.

Philanthropism Clinic, Nazareth garden

 Catholicism of Yatsushiro revived by middle part of Meiji, propagation of Father Kohl, but father who was anxious about many poor sick people and children asked for the relief in Chartres Saint Paul monastic order.
 To 1900 (1900), Koiso ray (nurse) stepped on the ground of Yatsushiro French sister Sur back redo la kuroa = Mary moruju (doctor, Director Osamu) and Sur Ann gel doyu Cal veil, Japanese sister Sur Joseph. Foundation of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school foundation begins in here. We borrowed deserted house which was in Ninocho, and life that supplies were lacking in was extreme in difficulties for Westerner Sur, but European art education such as treatment of sick person, care of child, sewing to again neighboring women and children was performed in that, and the basics of philanthropism doctor's office, Nazareth garden, art women's university were built.

The beginning of foundation

Kataoka Masa and Sur JosephSur, Kataoka Masa (the right), Sur Joseph (the left)

 Story dates back to the town of Yatsushiro of (1900) in 1900. Yatsushiro-cho that prospers with Matsue-jo Castle and county government office in agricultural area of Yatsushiro-gun. It is small castle town where shop and inn, restaurant display the eaves.
 Monastery was built in center of the town. Japanese Sur Joseph = Koiso ray does with two French who were dispatched there by Chartres St. Paul monastic order Japan Branch of France. They borrowed deserted house and devoted our life to care of children connected in treatment of sick person, nochino philanthropism Clinic, Nazareth garden and the West art education such as sewing or embroidery for girls. And we complete new school building since Yatsushiro branch establishment in 1910 ten years later, and lecturers be prepared, too and found a school newly as "private institution Yatsushiro adventure school". Number of students only 41. There was Kataoka Masa (30 years old) employed as the first teacher in opening ceremony of the small school.
 Originally Yatsushiro is the ground of traditional Christianity faith as well as hometown, Nagasaki of Masa. Because it was ruled by Yukinaga Konishi who was Christian daimyo, citizen of many territories believed in Christianity. That is why it is nature of the locality that provided many martyrs represented to "Simon Takeda" by Christian oppression that began at the end of 17th century.
 However, Christianity needed big effort in those days so that this school was rooted in Yatsushiro that was place of paganism.

Simon Takeda

 Yatsushiro was the late ground of Christian daimyo, Yukinaga Konishi. It became Kiyomasa Kato territory after "Sekigahara", and conversion was forced. Strict order was given saying "thing which was not sincerely converted deals with beheading". One of the believers in vassal had Simon Takeda. Simon was the santakukaku* e gate and close friend of Yatsushiro city magistrate's office. The kaku* e gate preached mother and pushed forward conversion, but mother who prepared for martyrdom also hoped to die with Simon and was not going to turn faith. The kaku* e gate orders artifact of a severed head of Simon unwillingly, too. Simon ended 35-year-old life as juyo while advocating the Saint name of Maria. This is the beginning of martyrdom in Higo.

To from the Taisho era to Showa and war

 It may be said that it was destined judging from her breeding that there was Kataoka Masa in place of opening ceremony then. She was born in (1880), Nagasaki Urakami in 1880.
 Place with Urakami Cathedral (1926 completion) which Urakami is famous for. Many inhabitants believe in Christianity from the Edo era and are nature of the locality that stay though there was severe oppression, and protected faith as Christian. We are informed Christianity faith of people of this ground ceaselessly to date without a break and send many clergymen out in the world.
 Pious Christian while Kataoka Masa is born. No doubt had faith in living a life as pabulum. Activity in Kumamoto, Yatsushiro was appointed as one sister of Chartres St. Paul monastic order, and such she had, and she came over to place of Yatsushiro where it was the first time one wicker trunk.
 Yatsushiro adventure school becomes "private Yatsushiro art girls' school" afterwards in 1914, and is promoted to girls' high school in 1921; and in "Yatsushiro practical course girls' high school." And we change "Narumi Yashiro girls' high school" and the name as fundamental education course high school in 1926, but Mr. Masa continues teaching the cause student of mind of foundation.
 Narumi girls' high school which keeps moving forward as prestigious private high school of Yatsushiro. However, Japan charges through "land of the gods Japan" in militarism in slogan when it becomes when it is past 1935. For the cause of teaching of Christianity that is paganism, school of Masa and others educating, imagination is not hard to resemble that it was strong headwind.

Through locust year

In front of students, Masa persuades in this way patiently.
  Our teaching is not for country, and "it is teaching for people. We expect happiness of all people without enemy, distinction of friend even if fighting. You must learn proudly at this school. Teachers of this school are free, and it be said, we pray only for world peace including me, and, in public volunteer work in the Yatsushiro suburbs and farmhouse and factory in Kumamoto, Yatsushiro shrine and Matsui Shinto shrine and the distance, students sweat with loose trousers look for cleaning service in Miyagi outer garden of Tokyo. School grounds of girls' school were cleared and cultivated and became sweet potato field, and charcoal kiln was prepared into corner, too. Also, parochial school which stood was opposite to thought of Masa, and it was incorporated in war by idea of Christian peace.

 In August, 1945, Japan receives two A-bombs and will reach end of World War II. It is Urakami of Nagasaki that the second shot was cut down on. There was birthplace itself of Kataoka Masa. Mushroom cloud going up in the sky of Nagasaki is informed by Yatsushiro as we saw. Anyway, war was over.
  War is over, and, in 1947 two years later, 6.3.3 system is enforced for school education, and "Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school Junior High School" founds a school. "Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school High School" founds a school for 23 years, and Kataoka Masa takes office as the seventh principal. Masa is 68 years old then. 38 years passed after we served Yatsushiro adventure school. Furthermore, in the school of seven whole country that Chartres St. Paul monastic order operates in 1951, the name is standardized by "Shirayuri school". School song which sings in now, and is inherited shows.

  Of "it is clean we play ho Shirayuri
  I of heart am life with flower
   It is saki kaseteso on someone's way
    We give to country with God and do not worship"

Than "magazine of the 75th anniversary of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school, the summary foundation"

Laws and ordinances of work mobilization were given to strengthen war regime in wartime, and the following public volunteer work corps was formed in our school.
 May, 1942 (Showa 17)
   Public volunteer work corps formation
 April, 1943 (Showa 18)
   Patriotism corps formation
 March, 1944 (Showa 19)
   Volunteer corps organization
 June, 1945 (Showa 20)
   Student battle loyalty and courage corps organization
When most of public volunteer work were farming work for food increase in production and it dispersed in patriotism farm in Mugijima or farmhouse nearby and went out, from plantation such as the U.S. wheat, sweet potato to crop, we engaged in service work almost every day.
Between farming work, we carried out firewood materials of repair of military uniform, paper bag tension or fuel of upper shrines, and, in the Yatsushiro shrine and Matsui Shinto shrine or other distance, service such as cleaning of Miyagi outer garden worked again.
There was student mobilization from 1944 (Showa 19) to factory of founding a country artificial silk factory, OJI PAPER factory, Asano cement company, Showa chemurgy factory, sanyokokito. In March, 1945 (Showa 20), graduation ceremony of all the fourth graders is held in factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which was in Kengun, Kumamoto-shi. School grounds were cleared and cultivated in order to make up for lack of supplies and became sweet potato field, and charcoal kiln was made with their hands again in corner of school grounds, too.
Yatsushiro shrine worship
Yatsushiro shrine worship that was carried out every month
Outer Gardens of Miyagi service corps
Outer Gardens of Miyagi service corps (1943)
Target practice
Target practice
Rice-transplanting of public volunteer work corps Rice-transplanting of public volunteer work corps

We shine with "Minister of Education Prize"

 Big achievement that we made for development of school and educational front of Yatsushiro in 1953 is full of, and Kataoka Masa will receive Minister of Education commendation. Kataoka Masa who smiles on trophy granted directly by Their Majesties Emperor, empress calmly. Face of one place flush scene of living in long eight generations, founder of just dead school and great seniors, students who remained in memory floated in sequence and we drifted and left for the chest. And we flashed across thinking that time when you should put an end to the teaching profession life for 44 years came in feelings then.
  We resign from school, and Kataoka Masa who left Yatsushiro moves to nazareto monastery of Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa and will spend there the rest of life of prayer. In 1963, invitations from good old Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school to new school building completion memory expression reached such Masa. Masa will be 83 years old then. We leave school and visit for menishite, probably first and last eight generations for ten years. Flutter chest, and Masa gets in bed limited express "Mizuho".
  Train passes Kumamoto Station the next day, before long slowly to Yatsushiro Station. With holding of the Tokyo Olympics coming the next year, way of remarkable development of town of Yatsushiro that caught wave of high growth in Japan approached the car window. It was smell of air peculiar that train stopped before long, and wrapped Masa who stood on platform, and went down.
  "This is smell of the town of Yatsushiro very often. Smell of that good old Yatsushiro"
That was smell of smoke of many factories discharged by huge chimney group which the town of Yatsushiro was lined with.
  Then. Voice of "teacher, teacher, Mr. Kataoka!" that arrived in ear of Masa.
  There were ex-students to run up to to surround there Masa.

Days not to return, ..., days that we continue living in.

Kataoka Masa and students

 Masa will feel nostalgia and fresh surprise for Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school to see after an interval of ten years. Dear school which exists now in the same place when there was Masa. Building of old friend who was already completed half a century ago, new school building of newly finished 4 stories are modern.
  "‥ ‥ on a ゝ good old those days"
  Masa was just left in monastery which we based on of living once.
  That is hall clogged up with one cup of memory that she shared days since arrival at post in Yatsushiro.
  It was * ru Masa by handrail of balcony forever in the way that we loved very much.
  "What happens to that tree? Do you still soak fruit well?"
When it expanded site of school in around 1938, it is about tree of several shaddocks left midmost of school grounds that Masa minded. Tree of shaddock which we talked with students about under the fruit which it grew in yellow in a circle in the shade of a tree that added white flower to one cup in a ring was ticked away in good old memory of Masa.
  Unfortunately ex-students said to Masa who felt nostalgic for tree of shaddock which had been cut with construction of new school building in this way severally.
  Without "tree of shaddock, ma Sur Mr. Kataoka comes here. With that alone it is enough"
           X          X
  A few days in Yatsushiro that spent time on impression and excitement pass, and Masa becomes visitor of "Mizuho" again. In the same way as time when they went for meeting, students see off teacher to Yatsushiro Station.
  "Teacher, this time when" (can meet) which "please come again" "is well; while ‥ ‥" this thought with the last, students entrusted with dream of reencounter. Kataoka Masa accomplishes life of 1993 at nazareto monastery and, ten years (1973) later, dies. Even staff of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school and ex-student and current students rushed to her funeral in Fujisawa then.
           X          X

One day I visited "monastery" which Masa Sur had lying down and getting up of in those days.
  It is still used like treasure thing carefully in site of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school. Style "the Chartres St. Paul sister society Yatsushiro monastery Memorial"

Student who sees off Kataoka Masa
We see off at Yatsushiro Station
(1963, front row the second person from the left)
In kikakaisokai
In kikakaisokai
(1963, the center)

Day of the school building completion
With the day period bloom member of the school building completion (1963, front row the fourth person from the left)
Than "magazine of the 75th anniversary of Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school, the summary foundation"

Memorial hall
Memorial hall

  It is wooden 2-story European-style building. Wall conveys British weatherboard colonialism architecture. Dignity soaks into veranda which greatly stretched with the first floor, the second floor.
  "We use as lesson of time for composite learning. Active. The Taniguchi chaste woman principal of dragoman continues. "Mr. Masa made lying down and getting up here"
  "e, or it is true ‥ ‥"
  At last we felt like having come across Mr. Masa itself. It is "refined “ house where temperature of Mr. Masa remains. Impression that we tossed in good old people who looked as we continued collecting data on footprint and feature of Mr. Masa later comes.
  We hung one wicker trunk on Nagasaki, and Mr. Masa who started for the new post in the ground of Yatsushiro of foreign country spent 44 years in this room. Four rooms, breathing that Sur are there quiet are blurred with one, the second floor and are crowded.
  We look out of the veranda on the second floor. Scope is shut out in building in front, but will be that dragon peak mountain range approached in deep-blue in front at that time now.
  "It is with oldness of hometown of Mr. Masa"
           X          X

Hamasaki shark (the right) and Kazuko Murahashi (the left)
Hamasaki shark (the right)
Kazuko Murahashi (the left)
Hisako Tobinaga
Hisako Tobinaga

We were able to meet two people spent with Mr. Masa. Hamasaki fusa, Hisako Tobinaga. Two people are living in Maria hall in site now. Hisako Tobinaga talks about the front in far-off memory for memory, 40 years of Mr. Masa.
  "We learned conduct. It is called manners, or Sur look that it is discipline of manners, and faced white socks, schoolgirls of middy and skirt floats.
  Whether "it is plain if Kiko samanoyonato tells toward now ‥ ‥" which "impression of good gentleness of very gentle article remains"
  "Dormitory superintendent was worked as and did helps of stand"
  Two people are diligent to pull in thread of memory. Famous episode to remember personality of Mr. Masa was handed down.
  Hibari Misora came over to Yatsushiro in performance once. Schoolgirls finish having in story of skylark and, in classroom, are noisy with "skylark, skylark". It is said that we roared with laughter among classrooms in Mr. Masa "you are in field where skylark is so rare a lot" ‥ ‥ this.
  Teacher did not know the world with ton. It was such a teacher, but students were relieved when favorite phrase was always said so to be in tone that "worry sendeyoka, worried sendeyoka" were kind to.
  Trouble and trouble "disappeared straight", too
           X          X
  "I go to Yatsushiro at the age of 20 in 1933 and thereafter am in Shirayuri school all the time in 1974. According to teaching of Mr. Masa, we served love to others, love to people of the world, thanks to parents and Shirayuri school. Honesty, style of reciting of Hamasaki like person of Meiji, firm high-pitched voice. Mr. Masa was reflected in this.
  We spoke that each representative attended funeral of Mr. Masa from Yatsushiro to Fujisawa earlier. It takes nearly 20 hours to Fujisawa in those days.
  In school, words of condolence of the occasion and many telegrams of condolence were kept carefully. Rare.
  "We surrounded face of teacher and body with pure white carnation and freesia. As for the figure, gentleness during the lifetime was the same"
  It will be that attendant that "light of small love turned on of material of Yatsushiro, the light are big, and Shirayuri school was brought up to here" heard kind Yatsushiro dialect of teacher from heaven.
  "kenshu ttoruyo from * shimandeyoka, heaven"
           X          X
  At last to Masa teacher who was able to meet. - - Finished coverage in contented thought, and resigned school.
  In school grounds of marching drill practiced, and nothing was heard after the fact. Students do not know the name of Mr. Masa anymore either.
  But there must be person following Mr. Masa from this. Words of tradition (traditional =) have a meaning to say what we continue inheriting.
  Spring wind carried refreshing beautiful smell whether that it was fragrance of students such as young ayu was that of resting dragon plum nearby.
           X          X
  "Shirayuri school, our daughter graduated, too. Heart becomes very easy; and ‥ ‥. Atsuko Sakumasu of Yatsushiro-shi Hinagu says, six relatives are graduates proudly. Daughter is Yuko Sato of that calendar picture by a child writer. It was that I remembered Mr. Masa in child of calendar.
  Flower of "Shirayuri" expresses cleanness, gentleness, dignity, strength in symbol of the Virgin Mary. This is piled up for each image Tomomi of Kataoka Masa who is the principal.

The Chartres St. Paul sister society Yatsushiro monastery Memorial
The first monastery
The first monastery

 Monastery which was built in Yatsushiro first.
 It was built in 1900. It is in good health in Shirayuri, Yatsushiro school High School site.
 In wooden the second-floor European-style building, in the wall, building with a hip roof, the first floor of the north and south ridge catch medium corridor in British clapboard tension, roof, and veranda which greatly projected into two of the east side is established with one constitution by two, the first floor, the second floor.
 Remains of an ancient structure which are precious in catching the spread of veranda preliminary inspection boarded place colonialism building Western style.

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