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Sakaguchi rei child

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Sakaguchi rei childSakaguchi rei child (1914 ...)

We continued always chasing big dream

September 30, 1914, Yatsushiro-shi birth. After the women's instructor graduation, did primary school teacher, but get married; and in Taiwan. Participate in "literary person" after the war, and is Shinchosha literary prize, "story of hanfu ropo" in "savage land"; the Akutagawa Prize candidate. Others, Taiwanese literature prize for encouragement. We act as the amount of Tamana housekeeping, Yatsushiro commercial high school teacher the other day and retire in 1960.
In book except the above "music of aborigines' village" "fog company" "beam of hope."

It was dream to become teacher

Sakaguchi rei child. It is the "fair sex" novelist if we say by expression that played an active part in the Japanese literary world after World War II at the time. When we were called so,
"We will call novelist of woman who is why the fair sex. We do not call novelist of man man style"
It was woman who she said so, and laughed teasingly.
  Even so, she is not at all woman reason-like in navel music rina women. It was woman novelist who had near sense with normal people who caught essence every thing extremely in common-sense terms and as they were, and could describe sadness, joy, pleasure over there precisely.
   Child was born in Yatsushiro-cho on September 30, 1914. Maiden name is Yamamoto. Her birthplace was high rich middle-class family of learning so that it was revealed by too unfamiliar kanji by having let her wear the qualities such as flowers by having named child.
  Child is brought up to literature girl probably because we have effect of such a family. In elementary school, junior high school days, she showed scholastic ability as it was called "bright person" from friends and was existence acknowledged superiority of in class. Pleasure, splendor of learning, and taking in. She already knew that.
  "Future becomes teacher of school and wants to tell children of the next generation the world of this joy"
In girlhood, she comes to gradually have such a dream.
  From Yatsushiro girls' high school where entered more in Kumamoto girl normal school. And 19 years old norei child starts for the new post as teacher in charges positive senior elementary school of Yatsushiro-gun after graduating in 1933. It was dazzling young teacher dressed in thing which parents wanted to order for the first opening ceremony.

Question that arose for "overseas donation"

Around 1935 when young people had character of enterprise and burnt with passion to foreign countries. It was the times when cause, Japan named large Eastern Asia co-prosperity sphere charged to militarism. It was fanned by shout of overseas donation, and there were many young people who aimed at advance to the ground of colonial policy that Manchurian, Korea, Japan including Taiwan pushed forward.
   Child was one of the young people moved by such a passion, too. We jumped out of small Japan and had big dream to want to play an active part in spreading new territory.
  In 1940, she gets married. Takatoshi Sakaguchi who partner is the same in Yatsushiro, and works as teacher. And overseas donation was common dream of two people young strangely. When adoption is decided, depending on recruitment of staff of a school emigrating to Taiwan promptly, we cross the high spirit sea.
  Taiwanese children who students whom we met there assimilate with Japanese now with rei children and children of Japanese family who dreams of the same shin shelf new world, and came over, and must live.
  "We assimilate Asian countries with late culture in Japan which is first-class power"
What question notices that Japanese thought that we included oneself in before long was arrogant as for feeling jinakattarei child in such a thought becoming big pillar of "large Eastern Asia co-prosperity sphere" which Japan aims at thought, too. Besides, child felt direct sense of discrimination against Taiwanese whom Japanese had that it was unpleasant.
  "We feel like being doing wrong Taiwanese education from Japanese sense of superiority having no grounds. We did not come, and Taiwanese people might have been happier"
Question ikakerurei child who measures up to husbands at official dwelling of the staff of a school who came home.
  Identity as Taiwanese ticked away in mind of rich culture that country called Taiwan has and original history and tradition and people well. We snatch all of them, and is it that what we assimilate with Japanese only in reason that is convenient for oneself is right as expected?…Lovesick days of, rei child continue

Large Eastern Asia co-prosperity sphere

 Asian policy that Japan advocated on World War II. On day, we insisted on local coexistence and co-prosperity including India, Burma, Thailand, Australia mainly on bloom and were going to justify rule in Asia of Japan in substitution for Western countries.

Japanization policy

 Policy that promoted Japanese policies under the idea of people of the Empire namely Japanese people based on "large Eastern Asia co-prosperity sphere" plan in the beginning in Korea, Taiwan.

We bet dream on course of literature

 rei child comes to dye hand for writing while we teach at a school at Taiwanese school. Originally it was way of literature that we liked. Gap with national policy and own feeling that she feels. We felt wind that it became gradually difficult to say that loud at the time and have begun to express self by act to fill up division of manuscript paper.
  Title of her maiden work "the Hajime Teis." It was work to project domestic quarrel for three generations of Taiwanese people, mind in that time of rei child who clashed, and drew contradiction of Japanization policy forced on Japan through trouble on. This novel would win prize for encouragement of the first Taiwan literary prize. Child will be 29 years old then. It brought her big confidence and was event to let you hold new dream to want to put up the body in novelists sometime.
  The Pacific War breaks out soon. rei child announces work "beam of hope" that described Japanese life that emigrated in Taiwan and gets high evaluation. However, it was not so at all whether her fictionization from that was smooth sailing.
  When war intensified, and Mr. and Mrs. Sakaguchi fell into state that couldn't but evacuate to mountain village of Taiwan, too. About work called "passionflower" which she finished writing, the authorities in Taiwan of Japan informed, "they should appear".
  "This work criticizes Taiwanese Japanization policy by Japan. Publication of such a novel is not good for our country fighting for heart of 100 million fireballs"
  Heart to respect heart in hope of donation of Japan and human rights of people of colony was matter that had identical specific gravity for her. However, the times when such a just argument is not used anymore. Normal sense was paralyzed, and description, that of Sakaguchi rei baby honest plain were not accepted in country called Japan which became hysteric by protracted war.
  "Passionflower" will be forced to large deletion and adaptation by hand of the authorities. "Thought" of person whom own "expression" wrote that to and question to consciousness of this taken country well up. Though it was not proletarian thought that the government at the time regarded with hostility, it was feeling jirurei child for disillusionment that was endless in the Japanese government officials who were different, and could not distinguish, bureaucrats.
  She is devoted to the world of flower to cheer up hard feeling. When we enjoyed flower and talked with flower, that was able to feel at ease for her heart easily. Dream to novelist who was almost discouraged begins to greatly swell out in her heart once again at one time.

Again to life of Kumamoto

The next year of the end of the war. Child and husband who became 32 years old came back to good old Yatsushiro after an interval of six years. Husband returns to elementary school of Yatsushiro-shi. ko meteitarei child participates in coterie called "literary person" in footing as writer in work group which we announced all over the wartime and works hard for fictionization.
  However, it was the times when anyone just after defeat was exhausted poorly. The Sakaguchis who had already had three children was forced to life that was painful only for income as one teacher of husband. Story of recruitment of teachers told in such a case. Child becomes teacher of meno Tamana housekeeping high school (existing Tamana Girls High School) for opening of a school two years and takes up a job in Tamana leaving his family behind.
  ritsu tsurei child is loved with "Mr. kimono" to platform with kimono look same as before by students. In passage of times when we accomplished revival day by day, schoolgirl tachinokotoorei child who regained bright expression couldn't help loving. And we felt happiness of new age when we could tell right thing freely heartily.
  "Savage land" that she announced in this ground wins the third Shinchosha literary prize. Her 39 years old name will echo at a bound in the central literary world.
  "Savage land", that was sad story. Japanese children living in Taiwan purely. We get married and are left for newly-married woman immediately twice twice. Pure no mother having been "foreigners" (Taiwanese minority race) as for the reason. Wife of the pure no third is pretty woman with pure feeling. However, mother is not told simply because we do not want to lose pure hasono wife. On the contrary, we let mother leave in the parents' house so that it was not known to wife and never let wife meet.
  Mother wants to have a look at wife of son and visits the pure nos with passing and exchanges pure to words. Cope to shut out eyes of wife, and put the blame of mother somehow; purely. Wife who does not know that the woman is pure no mother says innocently.
  "We looked at me, foreigners for the first time. Tattoo is unexpected. We thought whether I was more scared. Is it not humorous? It seems to be totally dirty…"
  Feel pity for wife speaking frank impression without knowing that is mother of husband, and grieve over own sinfulness deceiving both sides of wife and mother who are important people, purely. It was hopeless dilemma itself that nirei child always felt in the Taiwanese times that was described there.

The best days that we reached in Yatsushiro

 Days to be chased in addition to job of teacher on the deadline, and to leave for one desk. We have wish to want to live together with husband and three children before long realized and, in 1957, get the teaching profession in Yatsushiro commercial high school (existing shutakekankoko) and come back to Yatsushiro again.
  She published work in central literature magazine in sequence here and enhanced evaluation as writer. In local Kumamoto, essays of script and newspaper of radio drama continue playing an excellent role.
  Deny the teaching profession who she sets of true vocation at last in 1960, and was accompanied and decide independence as novelist. konotokirei child is 46 years old. Loneliness without being already surrounded by innocent smiles of students. She devoted herself to writing activity to shake that off. At the same time, we come to work on flower which we continued as hobby seriously till then.
  Novelist, Jiro Fukushima living in Kumamoto are one knowing Sakaguchi child at the time. Maegawa Bridge near Yatsushiro-shi "tea of bridge
Literary arts lovers living in Yatsushiro having gathered in restaurant called oku as monthly meeting, Fukushima published serially in Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun; is touched in work called "grass till when". According to that,
  "Woman in her 40s called Sakaguchi rei child always came over as guest here. Saying she took Shincho prize with novel called "savage land" several years ago, and thereafter it was to best cultured person of Yatsushiro, and brightened, and, in the regular meeting, silver leaned to light with head with glasses while shoving one hand in the obi of small-sized body which wore simple and elegant kimono, and figure which did work review in thin voice with authority was right Queen; * kareteitarei child.
  "Till when since grass" is novel, have no way of determining where is fiction, but tell about position in the literary world of Yatsushiro.
  In any case, in her life, it is certain that these days were heydays.

Way to independence as writer

"Yes! To candidate of the Akutagawa Prize me"
Her voice in the days of the teens was, and bounded. Big news that one day we jumped into to her suddenly of the year. "Story of hanfu ropo" that we published in "poetry and *jitsu" magazine, it was candidate of the 44th Akutagawa Prize for this younger person half term. Unfortunately "river to bear" of Tetsuo Miura and her work which competed for selection till the last missed receiving a prize, but her evaluation further increased as candidate writer.
 It is further candidate of the Akutagawa Prize "scenery that there is cat" "fuso" in 1964 two years later in 1962 two years later, writing activity of her in this time is right smooth sailing. And it was the times that became big turning point of her life. There is earnest invitation from the central literary world, and she leaves Yatsushiro loving and emigrates to Tokyo.
 Sakaguchi rei child who Tokyo lives in Nerima-ku, and writes with dignified kimono look, and continues working. We begin to follow path to writer,
"Music of aborigines' village" asked topic product including "fog company" in sequence in the life. By the way, even the world of flower which we liked next to her writing acquired license of Ruka Ohara Professor Dosho if we said.
 Writer, Fumio Niwa comments on work of rei child in this way.
 "It comprises airiness which writer of man has in novel of Sakaguchi. Articulate manner of speech, how to catch sentences for yodominonai, quiet precocious definition. (omission)……It is not merely finished only by saying wise writer"
 The Taisho era, Showa, novelist who makes the 3 era of Heisei dignified, and lives for talent and sense that, besides, were outstanding easily, Sakaguchi rei child. Woman from Yatsushiro that spends most of the life with kimono look, and continues loving flower, Sakaguchi rei child. She talks to us with the mischievous smile in this way.
 "We wrote only favorite thing and we did only favorite thing and lived. Having been able to do it as that continued always advocating big dream in front. Woman of Yatsushiro is strong"

Poetry and *jitsu

Literary magazine. 1948 (1958) November 1 foundation of a periodical. Monthly publication. It was planned at meeting of Kumamoto P.E.N. formed in early summer, 2011, and poetic honor was taken from autobiography of Goethe.

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