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"We cut off woman who made area" replacing with afterword

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Kumamoto University's professor Iwaoka impartiality

 In the arrival of decentralization society, "area" came to just attract attention again. Thing which thought that all is from "country" (the center) is switching from "area" to the times to consider today until now. Actually, we grow there, and "area" where all value is made from there is all origins. We are at time to think about their local history and meanings some other time now.

 This small book is valid in area Yatsushiro, and women of four that made area are strong; grow, and is story of state. There is difficult task which area demands solution from in area, and people carrying thought and exercise for this problem solution are born. Of course four women whom we delivered are not famous for this book nationwide, however are these people who act for problem solution while local, fighting against various difficulties, and opened up area and the new times.
 Furthermore, they woke for universal problem called self establishment and improvement of woman in position, improvement in position, education and the welfare of farmer that is human rights through each area problem solution.

 Yatsushiro is culture and attractive area with high industrial potence historically. There was open Mugijima-jo Castle to the world appropriate for the Age of Geographical Discovery, and culture and reclamation business of the Matsuis opened flower once for Edo period. We have history of modern industries mainly on the paper manufacture or rush after the Meiji era.
 Four women of this book are people such as "the salt of the earth" that made area while inheriting cultural historic gene and energy of this Yatsushiro area. Kataoka Masa gave life to local women's education with parochial school and ticked away power of woman in history through waking, exercise in social problem and human rights as Sugitani tsumoha, one of county dispute old of the leaders. Tsubomi Yasuda appealed for improvement and improvement of political awareness of woman in postwar democracy in position of woman as the prefecture's first woman member of prefectural assembly. Sakaguchi rei child established self of woman through literature expression in turnover from teacher to writer.
 We learn from these women about effort to improvement in position of woman and effort to the area formation as local leader, and big from forward, single-minded way of life as human being of ichika; let's be to be encouraged.
 Finally we were sincerely impressed on seeing my visiting Sugitani tsumoto connection county Shinto shrine to do old for the first time at point called the local history, and thought and exercise of ancient people still living as the core of area identity in visible form called Shinto shrine and monument. We felt as if we saw "power to make area" here.

 It became the end, but we make unique plan that came true in this time, and, also, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Regional Promotion Bureau taken care of of everything, bereaved and people concerned who had we actually report, and writing accept Shunichi Sueyoshi, coverage and information offer of "trip of Kumamoto" in charge of chief editor in unique wonderful style of reciting willingly sincerely thank Keisuke Uchida of the Ja Kumamoto center society where Sugitani tsumonitsuite had considerate instruction and suggestion from.  

March, 2005 (Heisei 17)

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