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Hinagu Onsen was discovered in oracle

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"It is Hiraishi in thou, this tideland there are 100 steps, one kiishi from that, and there is hot spring in the bottom definitely ..."

・Historical fact dropped in at "Mizushima" close to Hinagu in the middle of the southwesterners of Kyushu conquest is talked about to the Chronicles of Japan, and the Emperor Keiko is well known. To "Hizen topographical record" "…When uchi does southwesterners of Kyushu and comes over to country of Chikushi, we cross the sea when we do not favor country of fire from karyuura of Ashikita…."
 karyuura (young bird is sold) right here is "hinagu".

・It is the north and south morning service charges.
 Takauji Ashikaga does the political power, and worth Shigemura (buy Shigemura) is appointed Higonokami short knife. Worth Shigemura (father of Soun Kai) of sonshiho fights against Takeshige Kikuchi basing on Kikuchi of the south early in the morning these days. Military commander, Ukon Hamada of worth person who suffered wound then leads to later Hinagu Onsen discovery, and story continues (cf. next page). Fight of Takeshige Kikuchi and worth Shigemura does battle at Aso and the foot of Mt. county line, saddle of Goshi, and defeat, Ukon Hamada of subordinate suffer wound in Shigemura group and arrive to Kojima close to Hinagu and send day of medical treatment when we speak slightly in detail. Fishermen of Hinagu sympathize with and they invite Ukon to Hinagu, and meeting, Ukon get married with daughter of village as teacher of the reading and writing of children before long and are endowed with boy. As for the name of child, rokurohidarieimon grew and continued praying to Itsukushima Myojin of Aki for recovery of sword wound of father, and hot spring has begun to spring out when we dug shallows of the sea according to oracle on day of the completion of a vow.
By the way, it is (1409) in 1409.
It will be about 600 years ago now (2004).
Wound of father recovered completely in the hot spring, too.
It is story of opening of Hinagu Onsen.

The north and south morning

The north and south morning service charges Yatsushiro district became base to stay for history. Prince, breast King Yoshichika of the Emperor Godaigo entered Yatsushiro as seiseidaishogun as the center of the south morning of Kyushu.
Misasagi of breast King Yoshichika and satorishinji of family temple are in Myoukencho, Yatsushiro-shi. Monument of seiseifuato is left to Takada. We enshrine a breast excellent Yoshinari parents king in Yatsushiro shrine in Yatsushiro-jo Castle.

Stone of divine message
Stone of divine message

 Ancient tomb and Mizushima in Tagawa

Ancient tomb in Tagawa of ornamental tumulus subsides when we walk from Hinagu-Onsen Station for approximately ten minutes.
It is said to be grave of Luo on child, day of kokuzo (kuninomiyatsuko) of Ashikita that ever ruled this district, but is wrapped in ‥ ‥ mystery.
Island where Mizushima floats in the river mouth of the Kuma River again. It was struck this island the Emperor Keiko once. It is called Mizushima from historical fact which water has begun to breed in when we pray to nature for water. "We started Nosakano-ura Inlet yu ship of Ashikita, and line was involved in Mizushima, did not be in turmoil, and King Osada composed with dream" later (Manyoshu). Island of history in connection with Chronicles of Japan, Manyoshu. It can pass on foot.

The ancient tomb outside in Tagawa
The ancient tomb outside in Tagawa

The ancient tomb inside in Tagawa
The ancient tomb inside


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