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Hinagu prospered so as to envy people (Meiji - Taisho - Showa)

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Rumor calls rumor by Kyoshi story and double effect of the effect, and hot spring discovered in tideland of the sea changes into Hinagu of the beach quickly with town of hot spring.

Hinagu of 1900

 Satsuma Highway clear and is just what we already spoke what bathhouse is set as haneionsen and appears in national rank of culture civil administration and invited the golden age to. As for before, hot water visitor crowds behind in comb heap of immediate cliffs such as comb, small town the sea. Only entertainment district appears at end of the Edo era in Onsencho, too, and reputation of maid at hot springs "okin" further raises fame of the town of bath of Hinagu. When the Meiji era begins, accommodations increase, too, and celebrities do "more than anywhere else with Hinagu", too. (Writers who spelled → Hinagu
 Upper figure shows state of town after Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95 (1895). There were approximately 15 accommodations in those days. With the development of traffic, it prospers no before long. Inn became sanitarium of the army Hospital even at the time of Sino-Japanese War of 1937-45, and mountain and others visited consolation in childhood and were enough, and Hinagu continued being loved.

Inn Yatsushiro shop
Inn Yatsushiro shop

Inn sparkling waves tower
Inn sparkling waves tower (current sparkling waves tower refers to the right step)

Current sparkling waves tower
Current sparkling waves tower

Inn Nagasu shop
Inn Nagasu shop
Inn end plate shop
Inn end plate shop

Inn Araya
Inn Araya
The theater beginning seat
The theater beginning seat

Bird's-eye view (chuharabunni*)
Bird's-eye view (chuharabunni*) of 1900

The Southwestern Rebellion

Place of navy landing

The Imperial army struck Hinagu. Bullet hole of stray shot of the Imperial army is left on pillar of Yatsushiro shop that faced the shore (in those days).

It is such business of 1889

Trip basket (hatago) 25
Straight Shioya (buen) 13
Grains dealer 12
Tofu maker 9
Alcoholic beverages dealer 8
Lumber dealer 4
Ricemalt shop (grow on) 3
Firewood and charcoal dealer 2
Old clothes dealer 2
Pail wholesale retail 1
Footwear shop 1
Dealer in secondhanded articles 1
Vinegar shop 1
Miscellaneous goods retail 19
Bamboo work 11
Sugar retail 9
Cake dealer 8
Notions store 5
Mercer 6
Ironmonger 2
The brokerage 2
China shop 2
Retail with bottle 1
Paper retail 1
Carpet dealer 1
The total 149

Merchant's family occupied 149 houses and 42% in 356 number of houses. (than "history of Hinagu" to forward)

The change of traffic

 The Meiji 20s
 Jinrikisha runs through Yatsushiro - Hinagu

 1895 (1895)
 Breakwater is done at Hinagu port, and Amakusa, regular line of the Ashikita coast do well

 1896 (1896)
 Railroad establishment between Moji - Yatsushiro
 Business between Yatsushiro - Hinagu begins stagecoach

 1908 (1908)
 Existing Hisatsu Line opening
 Kagoshima Main Line was (Moji) Yatsushiro - Hitoyoshi, and Hinagu did not have station in those days

 1909 railroad song
 Without a certain Yatsushiro shrine Yatsushiro cutting/Hinagu Onsen way to traveler expecting excellent production center/yuamio of/Yatsushiro sweetfish

Photo courtesy, mountains and seas-so (late Genjiro Urakawa shooting)  ・Sparkling waves tower

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