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Santoka came over

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Santoka came over. We heard fame and may be from ...

Carriage left from Hinagu Station at 1974. There were approximately 30 geishas. Aki Yashiro made the debut these days

Photograph of geisha girl  Scenery of Hinagu of Showa

We said, and it was assumed, "here is really good" in 3 nights

Santoka where we came over to aimlessly (September, 1930). We did in three nights. We wrote, "Hinagu is really good". It is sentence of knob where I think that we came to check Hinagu Onsen by a person's rumor. Therefore (according to the rumor) saying "is really good"; actual feeling ‥ ‥.

Santoka Taneda "description of alms-begging"

Santoka diary
September 10, 1930 fine weather. 200 twentieth.
Trip three village. Hinagu Onsen weaver. (40 sen, the top)
 We met Mr. and Mrs. pilgrimage that lodged at the same hotel at that time in Uto to heavy foot ohikizutte Hinagu again in the morning in Yatsushiro alms-begging, the afternoon.
 We make correspondence to friend of various places in kyushin nihontauni kyushin. I rediscovered that it was not anything else except beggar Buddhist priest, and I went on a trip again after all in that. Walking walks. We go to place to be able to go. Hot spring is good. hontauniyoi. Mountain well has good sea too here, too. We want to stay, but do not want to move throughout the life no if possible (I am tired like that)

Monument of Santoka of hot spring open space Onjuku cage                                               

September 11 fine weather, stay.
 We rest in the morning in alms-begging, the afternoon, and couple is good person all together, and it is a waste of this accommodation for overnight 40 sen.

September 12 fine weather, rest.
 As we visit activity with young person of lodging together at bathing, chat, lying on side, abusive reading, night, and color is made to do to thought too much.
(and "we obtain that Yamakoshi" description of Santoka alms-begging Sumita Oyama edition)

The shore of Hinagu Onsen
The shore of Hinagu Onsen

The Hinagu station square
The Hinagu station square

View from Hinagu Shrine
View of Hinagu Onsen Shrine

Let shoot; net
Let shoot; net (1930)

Guests of honor of Hinagu Onsen

 When we repeat figures of smart line to create gaiety to on shiny corridor of black luster that was tense with cherry tree of sparkling waves tower (founding 1910), art nouveau-like stairs and imagine, it is the scene itself of movie "yo*ro". Deep-black "core of tree of hahaso" and alcove post of big crape myrtle which are left in hall of "marine bioluminescence hotel." Free-standing tea ceremony room-like room of "Yanagiya inn." The skill of artisan of Japanese-style building including ceiling of "inn IZUMIYA" is left carefully deep into Hinagu Onsen.
 It seems that number is limitless as for the writer, artist doing calligraphy beginning celebrities that visited such Hinagu Onsen. There will be thing left in archive or incognito person. We had the master of each accommodation go back over memory. We had you boil up random order (honorific title abbreviation) from difficulty work that referred to old parlormaid.
 His Imperial Highness Prince Takamatsu (sparkling waves tower), morning His Imperial Highness Kamiya, Aiko Tokutomi, ex-Foreign Minister Matsuoka, *sakidaisho, Tetsuharu Kawakami (inn IZUMIYA). Soho Tokutomi, Tomito Izu (Yanagiya inn). Sumie Tanaka, Mukai Yoshimi, Teru Miyata, Antonio Inoki, Itoko Koyama, actor-za company, theatrical company "snow" company, former prefectural governor, Issei Sawada (hiraya hotel). Aki Yashiro (marine bioluminescence hotel). (it is digression, but Sato Yuko of picture by a child writer of nationwide calendar is the eldest daughter of marine bioluminescence hotel proprietress, and work displays in lobby)
 Footprint which nadonadono all of you engraved history of Hinagu into is left. Book and colored paper, photograph, the letter from each person are saved carefully and are displayed in lobby.
Wonderful historical heritage will be to come when we spell hot water of Hinagu Onsen and story of trip carefully.

Sparkling waves tower
From the Hosokawas spreading product of receipt
(sparkling waves tower)

Tableware of sparkling waves tower
Tableware of His Imperial Highness Prince Takamatsu use
(sparkling waves tower)

Photo courtesy, mountains and seas-so (late Genjiro Urakawa shooting)  ・Sparkling waves tower

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