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Report (yorozu application (Internet)) that reduction of land for residence and existing house requires

When report utilizing yorozu application (the Internet) is done, please confirm contents of this page by all means.


<eligible people of yorozu application (Internet)>

 It applies to individual that "announcement of taxation" and "yellow flyer" were received from us.



<advance preparation to use yorozu application (Internet)>

 Reported person for reduction utilizing yorozu application (the Internet) look at the following.


We confirm from 1 reduction object

You read "announcement sending from us of taxation" and enclosed "yellow flyer", and please confirm whether you become a target of reduction (as for the simple chert)


We prepare for 2 required documents

Please prepare for "documents listing in [thing necessary for report] of yellow flyer"


3 documents image data (photograph data, scan data)

Please make the next documents image data by camera or scanner of smartphone

・"2 required documents documents which prepared for by preparations"

  ※Please give me "report which reduction of land for residence and existing house requires" on image data after filling out the requirements (entry example of report)

  ※When plural documents including earthquake-resistant proof go over to page, all matter certificate of building, all page image data, please (institution to be like various certificates)

・「Announcement of taxation

  ※When "announcement of taxation" has other combination acquisitor ○ name and mention, submission for all the members is necessary for "news of taxation".

<to yorozu application (Internet) form>

 If all the image data necessary for report is prepared for, please declare from this (you move to report page of yorozu application).

 Please submit through "image data that you made with 3" oyorozu application (the Internet).


<detailed assembly operation>

 Please see this about detailed application procedure.

 Use of yorozu application procedure (PDF: 474.2 kilobytes) We open with the other window

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