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About examination of HIV (AIDS) and sexually transmitted disease

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It is/Health Prevention Section about examination of HIV (AIDS) and sexually transmitted disease, consultation

○At Mifune public health center, we perform examination of HIV (AIDS) and sexually transmitted disease.

 It is disease that AIDS infects virus called HIV and is caused. Immunity decreases when infected with HIV, and various infectious diseases appear.

 In addition, let's undergo an examination not to widen infection to important person once to save if we are uneasy.


<the consultation date and time>

 Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.


<the inspection date and time> 
 Every Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 First Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.            
 Reservation is necessary beforehand. We may not meet requirements by the situation of reservation. Thank you for your understanding.
 ※We can get inspection charges for anonymity free. Health insurance cards are not necessary, too.
 ※Case to be late for reservation time when cannot visit an office, please contact beforehand.
 Blood test
 Result becomes clear from drawing blood in around one hour.
<inquiry, reservation> 
 Mifune public health center Health Prevention Section (TEL: 096-282-0016)
 As for the hope of inspection and consultation, even what prefecture public health center can be examined regardless of address place.
<other inspection>
 We can receive the sexual organs chlamydia, syphilis, examination of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, too.
 ※We cannot confirm that it was cured.
 ※Result becomes clear from drawing blood in around one week.

Flow of examination of HIV (AIDS) of public health center and sexually transmitted disease

○"Feeling that how is examination of HIV of public health center"

 We introduce flow of inspection of public health center to be able to have image in response to such anxiety and question even a little.


1. We make a reservation.
 Please reserve inspection on the telephone beforehand. (we can receive examination of HIV by anonymity.)

2. We register in health center and we inspect and apply.
 Privacy moves to secured room after the reception desk when you visit an office in public health center, and please fill out inspection application.

 Afterwards, in contents and the time required of inspection, we explain meaning of result. Please consult if it may be uneasy.

3. Drawing blood
 We perform about 5-10cc of drawing blood.

4. Test result
 We explain test result of HIV about one hour later. Until designated time, it may be made going out.
 As we further confirm, and test result inspects in the case of other than negative, we almost explain result one week later.
 In addition, when we can receive examination of sexually transmitted disease except HIV (the sexual organs chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C) in addition,

 The result almost explains result one week later, too.



Timing to be examined

○When we want to confirm yes or no of infection clearly

 When we are examined after the progress more than three months from opportunity with possibility of infection and appear with "negative", it is thought that we do not infect.


○When infection worried by all means

 By even if it is less than three months, receiving inspection, consultation, can get one indication.

 But re-undergoing an examination after we stand more than three months from opportunity of infection is necessary to finally confirm the result even if we appear with negative.



About HIV (AIDS)

○Let's have right knowledge about AIDS to protect you and your beloved person and to get rid of discrimination and prejudice for AIDS patients.

 Detailed thing about AIDS from this.

   What is AIDS?








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