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Chart (in the case of existing house, we do not need result applicable earthquake-resistant proof)

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Judgement result

 It is object of reduction pertaining to exception application house.


 ※This result is just thing by simple judgment.

  When you confirmed contents in detail, please note that judgement result may be changed.


(documents necessary for report)

 ・Report (as for the mention example) which reduction of land for residence and existing house requires

   We mail report with "announcement of taxation" from us.

   Or we are available from this.


 All matter certificate (as for the style example) of building

   There is imprint of registrar whom Legal Affairs Bureau issues.

   All pages are necessary.

   In the case of submission at mail, window, submission with copy is possible, too.


 ・[only in the case of combination house] Ground plan

   We know area.

   In the case of submission at mail, window, submission with copy is possible, too.


(yorozu application (Internet))

 Declaration with PC smartphone (correspondence only to where "announcement of taxation" and "yellow flyer" reach)

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