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Taiwan squirrel pinpoint capture result report of 2019

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Taiwan squirrel pinpoint capture result report of 2019

  Pinpoint capture of Taiwan squirrel in Uto Peninsula that we started from on November 14, 2019 terminates capture activity this year on March 18, 2020    We did.
 Pinpoint capture sets up Bate (lure) every about 100-200m in non-investigation areas around the Mt. triangle and we install trap in point where feeding damage of Bate was and capture survival individual. On the other hand, what without feeding damage is technique to be able to confirm that it does not inhabit. In addition, we install trap in place where feeding damage (ringed meal trace) of fresh tree was found in.
 We performed investigation and capture in 80 total numbers of persons or more once a week this year for 20 days in total. Investigation area might go the animal trail of steep slope and bamboo forests which went to ruin and it was severe work, but had cooperation toward a great number of people.
As a result, we installed Bate in 113 places, and after hanging, 23 places where squirrels might inhabit by feeding damage were able to capture trap 16.

 2,019 degrees captured 35 of them in total by this pinpoint capture and conventional monitoring capture (as of March 23, 2020).
As habitation area has been squeezed by the Bate method, we can expect more effective capture in the next fiscal year.
Approach for the extermination continues still more!
        risu    Bate
                   [Bate (lure) and Taiwan squirrel which we captured]

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