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The Uki Area Promotion Bureau Department of Civil Engineering general condition (2020)

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Uki Area Promotion Bureau 
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 Uki area of Kumamoto is located in the center, and, in the north, in Kumamoto urban area, the south around Kumamoto-shi, in the east, Kyushu mountainous district, the west are almost next to Ariake Sea, Yatsushiro Sea (the marine bioluminescence sea) and Amakusa area Yatsushiro area.

 It is long and is comprised on the middle mountains ranging in Uto Peninsula and Kyushu Mountains and plains that are located so that we are caught to about 50 kilometers and east and west to about 20 kilometers, east and west to the north and south and it is rich area and has mountain, plains, sea and various nature for change of the topography.

 Transportation networks of Kyushu Shinkansen, JR Kagoshima Main Line, Kyushu traversing motor vehicles roads, Route 3 are concentrated on plains and in late years are area that development of residential area goes ahead through. Area's original scenery, nature, cultural heritage including Tanada who can be also known as stone bridge group including doctor of astrology Bridge and Futamata Bridge and Japanese Hara scenery are left for intermediate and mountainous area. In addition, we are endowed with history, cultural heritage such as the mikoshi next shore, the triangle west Port, storehouse white wall group chosen at Uto Peninsula by 100, Nagisa choice of Japan.

 Uki Area Promotion Bureau has jurisdiction over 2 cities and 1 town (Uto-shi, Uki-shi, Misato-machi), and, as for the areas in the jurisdiction, 407 square kilometers (5.5% of prefectural whole), population in the jurisdiction account for about 105,000 (5.9% of prefectural whole).

 It is in country prefectural road 24 line, 1.2 grade river 39 river, important three angles of harbors Port, erosion control appointed place 126, and management facilities work on maintenance of various social capital.



Organization of Department of Civil Engineering

Organizational chart 


Change of operating cost

Operating cost

The situation of jurisdiction municipalities

The situation of jurisdiction municipalities

The situation (commonality management) of authorization

The situation of authorization

The road maintenance situation (improved rate)

The road maintenance situation

The river maintenance situation

The river maintenance situation

The earth and sand disaster black spot maintenance situation

The earth and sand disaster


The harbor facilities maintenance situation

The harbor facilities

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Uki Area Promotion Bureau Department of Civil Engineering maintenance Coordination Division
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