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uki ujodezenkoza

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Uki Area Promotion Bureau 
TEL: 0964-32-2111 
FAX: 0964-33-4335 
Email ukisoumu25@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp

 We carry out "uki ujodezenkoza" that staff of station establishes explanation and opportunity exchanging opinions to citizens of the prefecture about measure or business that our Promotion Bureau works on in Uki Area Promotion Bureau directly and publicizes approach of the prefecture to citizens of the prefecture widely, and to have you deepen understanding for prefectural government of citizens of the prefecture, and to strengthen partnership more.
 We think of good occasion contacting with citizens of the prefecture and all the staff. Please use.


 Staff of station visits "uki ujodezenkoza" about the fields such as measure that our Promotion Bureau works on or industry, health, environment that are familiar to living and is lecture to send information to.


Groups which are targeted for 1

  The number of participants that schools, residents' association in the jurisdiction, citizen's group or other groups and local resident host and carry out intends for almost more than 20 meetings.

  In addition, it is not for meeting for the purpose of profit or meeting for the purpose of expression of specific politics, religion.

2 lectures

  Lecture to carry out is street of "uki ujodezenkoza" list. PDF "uki ujodezenkoza" list With new window(PDF: 129 kilobytes)

  In addition, as a general rule, we do with from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and do including exchange of opinions with less than 90 minutes.

Expense for 3 attendance

  The travel expenses or compensation required for lecturer dispatch are not necessary.

  But you borrow venue for lecture attendance, and please bear advance charges in the applicant.

4 application methods

  You have you choose lecture to hope for among "uki ujodezenkoza" list, and apply for "uki ujodezenkoza" application by any of the following method after entry.

  Word "uki ujodezenkoza" application With new window(word: 36.5 kilobytes)PDF "uki ujodezenkoza" application With new window(PDF: 120.3 kilobytes)

 (1) In the case of E-mail

   Please transmit to "uki ujodezenkoza" application to the following address after filling out the requirements.

   E-mail address: ukisoumu25@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp

   ※In title of E-mail, please specify by all means with "uki ujodezenkozasarukomi".
 (2) In the case of mail, facsimile
   Please send after filling out the requirements to "uki ujodezenkoza" application to the following address.

   Mailing address: 〒 869-0532 400-1, Matsubasemachikugu, Uki-shi

         Kumamoto Central Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Uki Area Promotion Bureau general affairs promotion section

         It is addressed to "uki ujodezenkoza" person in charge

         TEL: 0964-32-2051 FAX: 0964-33-4335

 (3) When we have you bring directly

   To Uki, Kumamoto synthesis the second floor of the government building general affairs promotion section general affairs adjustment group

Around 5th adjustment

  We contact application representative from each department in charge for adjustment in schedule and increase as soon as application arrives.

  In addition, we would appreciate your considering in application from application to conduct of home delivery of cooked foods lecture as it is necessary for around one month.

Notice of 6 decision

  We notify applicant of decision of conduct by notice of determination directly.

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Uki Area Promotion Bureau
Telephone: 0964-32-2111
Fax: 0964-33-4335
Email ukisoumu25@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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