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  We devised Kumamoto child, child care plan.



The governor greetings, table of contents    PDF The governor greetings, table of contents With new window(PDF: 244 kilobytes)


Preface    PDF Preface With new window(PDF: 272.7 kilobytes)

   Purpose of 1 plan development

   Period of 2 plan

   Basic character of 3 plan

   4 pipelaying systems

   Check of the achievement situation of 5 plan and evaluation


Background of plan development and background of basic directionPDF plan development and basic direction With new window(PDF: 393 kilobytes) 

  Background of Chapter 1 plan development

    The current situation over 1 child, child care

    2 past countries, responses of the prefecture

    State of implementation of 3 Kumamoto next generation upbringing support action plan (late plan)

  Chapter 2 basics direction

      Figure and basic viewpoint to aim at


Development of concrete measure

  Promotion such as Chapter 1 education, childcare   PDF Development Chapter 1 With new window(PDF: 561.9 kilobytes) of concrete measure

   Prospect of setting and quantity of Section 1 area

     Setting of 1 area

     School education, childcare of 2 infancy

   Approaches such as support of Section 2 prefecture

     Promotion of in connection with role of 1 education, child-care facility

     Promotion of 2 area children, child care support project

     Securing of people engaging in 3 education, childcare and improvement of nature

     Improvement of 4 childcare services


  Support to child needing Chapter 2 protection and support   PDF Development Chapter 2 With new window(PDF: 561.3 kilobytes) of concrete measure

     Improvement of 1 child abuse prevention measures

     Improvement of 2 social nursing systems

     Promotion of independence support of 3 single-parent homes

     Improvement of 4 child with a disability measures

     Promotion of poor measures of 5 children


  Various measures about Chapter 3 child, child care support   PDF Development Chapter 3 With new window(PDF: 816.8 kilobytes) of concrete measure
     We make consciousness for upbringing support in 1 next generation

     Support of child care in 2 areas

     Improvement of education power of 3 homes

     Improvement of 4 maternal and child health

     Promotion of harmony of 5 work and life

     6 is comprehensive; is promoted child measures after school


Quantity of needs in setting area that the prefecture sets and security    PDF Quantity of needs in setting area that the prefecture sets and security With new window(PDF: 2.35 megabytes)


Reference materials    PDF Reference materials With new window(PDF: 871.3 kilobytes)


Chairperson greetings    PDF Chairperson greetings With new window(PDF: 155.5 kilobytes)


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Department of Health and Social Services Child’s Future Support Division
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