"Aimed, and, as for the charm of care job, PR brochure issued star of care"!

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["aimed, and, as for the charm of care job, PR brochure issued star of care"!]


  Lack of the staff engaged in care in the future is anticipated surely by elderly people whom care is necessary for increasing with increase of future elderly person population. Particularly, securing of care staff who fixed the eyes on 2025 when all people of so-called "baby boom generation" reach 75 years old is becoming big problem.

On the other hand, about care job, there is the actual situation in the situation that is not understood definitely and, for securing of future human resources, conveys the actual situation definitely, and it is necessary to plan consciousness enlightenment for charm or specialty.

In this prefecture, we were working on various measures as securing of care human resources measures, but, as part of public information, enlightenment business pertaining to post of long-term care, we told with the actual situation of post of long-term care definitely, and "aimed, and brochure which publicized charm, specialty made star of long-term care".

It would appreciate your inflecting to all of you.


* Of "aim care data of star" (all 12 pages) are this.

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Department of Health and Social Services Senior Citizens Support Division
Telephone: 096-333-2215
Fax: 096-384-5052
Email koureishien@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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