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2014 mombasadatsuarepoto

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We carried out mombasadatsua on Saturday, February 28, 2015 and took a trip to Arao, the Yamaga area this year.

It is Mada well in Arao-shi that came first.

Mada well

We hung Mada well early in the Showa era from last years of Meiji and were one of the main wells of Miike coal mine.

Recommendation is officially decided as candidate world heritage from Japanese Government to the UNESCO, and "Industrial Revolution inheritance Kyushu, Yamaguchi of Meiji Japan and associated area" including Mada well facility aim at world's cultural heritage registration in 2015 in January, 2014.


Story of Mada well guide Story of Mada well guide

We observe facility while having you explain history of Mada well toward the guide.

Cage which was used in Mada well

This got on approximately 25 with cage toward used basement in those days and seemed to move to basement.

Story of Mada well guide Visit of Mada well

Knowledge of secret story and facility at the time was able to hear story from guide in detail. When you come to Mada pit, please hear story of guide.

"Mada well:" http://www.city.arao.lg.jp/mandako/ With new window(Mada well station)


It is lunch next time in Kikusui romance building "relief hermitage" in Nagomi-machi.


Lunch State of lunch

We enjoy meal and conversation for a while, and everybody looks friendly.


We go to next Yamaga-shi "Yachiyo-za".


It is playhouse of architecture in 1910 that "Yachiyo-za" in Yamaga-shi is appointed to country-designated important cultural property and conveys style of traditional playhouse of the Edo era in now.

In last March, Ichikawa Ebizo is performed publicly and, let alone famous Kabuki actor, seems to be used for various concerts.

Explanation in Yachiyo-za Ceiling of Yachiyo-za
Signboard which advertising was written on ceiling is crowded. There is thing of "garden of Chiyo" that we heard about for visit in the afternoon brewing and feels history.

View from stage View from the second floor

It is such a view from stage.

Dressing room Japanese parsley

We observe dressing room and Japanese parsley in the back of the stage.

We observed to the details of stage that we could not readily look at.

"Yachiyo-za:" http://www.yachiyoza.com/ (Yachiyo-za formula HP)With new window


Yamaga garden lantern folk handicraft building
And it is "Yamaga garden lantern folk handicraft hall" where the retro appearance is impressive that went next.

Yamaga garden lantern folk handicraft building is built in 1925 (Taisho 14) and introduces display of Yamaga garden lantern and history, culture of Yamaga Onsen.

"Yamaga garden lantern folk handicraft building:" http://www.yamaga-kankoh.hinokuni-net.jp/spots/detail/98 With new window(Yamaga-shi government office HP)


100 gold garden lanterns fall down in hall, and works of gem which was particular about the details that I do not think that we are made with paper at all line up to display case.

And, speaking of Yamaga garden lantern, "Yamaga garden lantern Festival" is famous.

"1,000 garden lantern dances" that women dressed in yukata which we put garden lantern on dance elegantly and dance invite people whom ring of light which is piled up to several folds sees to the fantastic world overhead.

"Yamaga garden lantern Festival:" http://www.y-kankoukyoukai.com/event.php With new window(Yamaga Onsen Sightseeing Association)

Garden lantern on head

There was experience-based corner that could taste feeling that became the garden lantern daughter.

We can put garden lantern on head to height. As garden lantern is made only with paste and paper, it is light so that there is not sense picking up on head.


The post where there was garden lantern on
When leave Yamaga garden lantern folk handicraft hall, on the top of the post garden lantern.

As decoration of garden lantern is treated everywhere of Yamaga, please look for when you come to Yamaga.


Story of ricemalt Story of ricemalt

It is "the U.S. U.S. main gate tour" next time!

Atmospheric cityscape still remained in main gate district where Buzen Highway and the Kikuchi River of Yamaga crossed, and the Kikuchi River basin was high quality production center of rice for a long time.

Shops such as shop dealing with rice and origin of brewing of sake, miso factory, the U.S. rice cracker shop still line up.

Tour that "the U.S. U.S. main gate tour" goes around place concerning the "rice."

At first, about ricemalt to hear story,

Garden of Chiyo Garden historic tool of Chiyo
By "garden of Chiyo" brewing, we observe how to make and history, tool of old liquor.

The finest reddish sweet sake
Reddish sweet sake of sweet kutoromigaarunoga characteristic. It is got close as toso (toso) of New Year holidays in Kumamoto. The finest reddish sweet sake is reddish sweet sake which was slightly different until now which was devised to be able to enjoy reddish sweet sake other than the toso.


Rice cracker person
We experienced the making of rice cracker using rice.


The making of rice cracker 1
At first, we put rice of tablespoonful,

The making of rice cracker 2
Close the cap…

The making of rice cracker 3
When we pick up with exclusive machine which it heated hot tightly…

Completion of rice cracker
It is completion!

It is simple rice cracker, but the crispy light feel and flavor of rice become habit.

Afterwards, we visited temple connected with history of rice, and "the U.S. U.S. main gate tour" was over.

"The U.S. U.S. main gate tour:" http://www.comecome-soumon.com/guide.htmlWith new window


It is completely the evening and is exchange meeting by castle Aya Land inner "dream light" of Kumamoto-shi at night.

Exchange meeting

We felt love all of KUMAMON including story and, after activity report in mombasada, enjoyed.


Thank you, all of mombasada which had you participate.

I would like attractive dispatch of KUMAMON and Kumamoto from now on.





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