About making such as construction system account books (to constructors)

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  • ※From thing to submit after April 1, 2019 (Heisei 31), submission of construction charge engineer account book (thing which stated photographs of the face such as chief engineers clearly) is not necessary.

    Purposes such as 1 construction system account book

     As construction of construction is generally managed by general combination of independent various specialized construction each, construction industry has subcontract structure that we diversify so as to be unique and made multilayer for other industry.
     It is necessary that constructor who undertook construction from owner directly manages construction of the whole construction while supervising person running all construction industry constructing not only subcontractor in direct privity of contract but also the construction concerned to secure appropriate construction of construction in the construction industry having such a characteristic.
     Therefore, "Construction Industry Act" and "law ("say the bid contract adequacy method as follows.) about promotion of adequacy of bid of public construction and contract When constructor who undertook construction from owner by "directly performs constant subcontract for work, we are required, and the constructor concerned must act as making of "construction system account book" and "figure of construction system" for appropriate construction of construction by performing precise grasp of the construction system through making such as construction system account books.


    Duty of person of order of 2 community construction

     When person of order of public construction (note) concludes subcontract for work to construct the construction concerned, regardless of subcontract amount of money, next is required.
    (1) We make construction system registry and keep for each construction spot and submit certified copy to owner.
    (2) Place that we make figure of construction system, and construction worker of the construction spot is easy to look at and the public are notices in place that they are easy to look at.
     In addition, you must make construction system registry when the total sum of subcontract for work is 40 million yen (in the case of building complete set construction 60 million yen) or more even if it is construction not to correspond to public construction. 
    (note) "the public construction" here means "construction that country, government-affiliated corporation or local public entity places an order" for (bid contract adequacy law Article 2 Paragraph 2).

    The handling (we apply from thing to submit after ※ April 1, 2019 (Heisei 31)) in construction of 3 Kumamoto ordering

     When we secure further appropriate construction in Kumamoto and set "the subcontract for work report acting director point" for the purpose of contributing to the healthy development of construction industry, and person of order of construction of Kumamoto ordering concludes subcontract, we demand submission of documents as follows.

    (1) Submission documents  ※We publish style in following "4 styles".

       Oh, documents of - e are required. Only when documents of Oka come to have 1 million yen or more amount of contract of one construction that they placed an order to subcontractor for.
        A construction system account book (matter about former contractor) (appended form 1)
        i construction system account book (matter about subcontractor) (appended form 2)
        Documents with with cormorant → Specifically, please confirm in this (submission documents check list (PDF: 178.7 kilobytes)We open with the other window).
        Oh, figure of construction system (appended form 3)
        o shitaseikakumitomehyo (appended form 4)
        ka original contractor, subcontract-affiliated contents list (appended form 5)

    (2) Submission

        The chief of ordering organization overseer

    (3) Return day

        Within 21st (three weeks) from day of the subcontract for work conclusion

    (4) The submission number of copies

        Part 2
         ※ In the ordering organization, submission affixes a seal of reception stamp two copies together after necessary documents being prepared, or having confirmed and returns copy on the spot.

    4 styles

       Sealing is unnecessary for both documents.
       ※Mention example,
                  Please refer to making manual (April 1, 2020 revision) (PDF: 8.42 megabytes)We open with the other window such as construction system account books.



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