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Biobreeding laboratory

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Summary of test and research

Development ... of farming technique utilizing ... biotechnology


We study efficiency of breeding using tissue culture and genetic engineering technique and upbringing of breeding materials, advanced technology utilizing biotechnology including development of kind identification technology.

1. Efficiency of breeding using DNA marker

2. As for vegetables, the flower using tissue culture, it is raised new breeding material

3. Identification technology development of Kumamoto original kind using DNA marker


 From school bringing up by paddy-rice kind development, we choose system which had gene resisting disease using DNA marker.


DNA marker

                The selection (electrophoresis) of system having pest-resistant gene with DNA marker

                 *System that number with band includes resistant gene in at position of arrow


We work on breeding material development such as vegetables, flower with useful form and essence using tissue culture or ion beam.

Germfree operationTissue culture of lettuce
              Germfree operation            Tissue culture of lettuce

In addition, we develop rush, strawberry, kind identification DNA marker of color whom the prefecture brought up and continue study about new kind.


Rush (hinomidori, evening calm, hinoharuka, cool breeze)

         Strawberry (in hinoshizuku, evening)

Color (white blowtorch, white swan)




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