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Institute for tea business

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 Tea business research institute performs proof test and research about the tea work carried out around zone between Nakayama.
 It is intended that we contribute to development of tea business through production of high quality tea which we made use of local characteristic of this prefectural tea production place in, the saving of labor low cost, technology development corresponding to safety, development of processing technique for tea brand establishment.
Photograph of Institute for tea business facility whole view
                              Facility whole view

Photograph of tea plantation sceneryPhotograph of the first tea sprout
             Tea plantation scenery             The first tea sprout


Summary of test and research

New kind upbringing corresponding to the making of tea which can make money and development of tea production engineering

・Aiming at upbringing of Kumamoto original kind superior in marketability and cultivation properties,

 Development, the choice of new school brought up in prefectural alone business and breeding-designated examination place

 We perform this and plan introduction to the prefecture.

・There are tea class (raw materials tea for processing, pot we roast tea, fermentation tea), kind and characteristic including quality (flavor)

 We aim at development of tea production engineering aiming at the making of product.



Photograph 1 of state of upbringing of new kind, systemPhotograph 2 of state of upbringing of new kind, system
        State of upbringing of new kind, system        State of upbringing of new kind, system


Powdery teaPowder tea 2

    Examination of powdery tea production for processing utilizing existing processed tea machine

    Examination of powdery tea production for processing utilizing existing processed tea machine


 Development of tea production engineering corresponding to meteorological disaster and production cost reduction

・We aim at development of cultivation management technique to reduce meteorological disaster such as frost damage, drought.

・We aim at development of production cost reduction technology in cultivation management (fertilization, prevention).

Drought sproutFrost damage

                              Sprout which withered up in drought

                               Tea plantation which caught frost damage

Tea splinter 1            Tea splinter 2

                                                            Simultaneous prevention with tea splinter whitefly and the mulberry scale first generation


Development of tea production engineering in consideration for food safety characteristics and environment

 We aim at development of technique corresponding to the making of tea which is security/safety including preventive measures against alien substance mixture and hygiene management in unrefined tea process of manufacture from seiyotekisai.

Alien substance removal device

                          Air blast suction-type alien substance removal device


Summaries such as facilities

Summary Position: Takio, Mifunecho, Kamimashiki-gun
Altitude: 100m
Climate: Annual mean air temperature 16.2 degrees Celsius, annual precipitation 2,320mm
(we calculate value of each month in 2003 through 2012 by association of weather in Japan by estimate in Agricultural Research Center for the cause)
The soil: The red-yellow soil (the Aso pyroclastic material weathering soil)
Facility Total area: 71,232.04 square meter
Production area: The ho scene product: 31,000 square meters of tea plantation places
Building area: Building total area: 2, 4,389 square meters
(management experiment ridge, processed tea examination ridge, farming building, work machine hangar, glass building, compost building, garage)
Contact information

〒861-3208 5450, Takio, Mifune-machi, Kamimashiki-gun
Phone number 096-282-6851 (main)
Fax number: 096-282-6853



  1. It is ten minutes by car from Kyushu Expressway Mifune Interchange
  2. It is 30 minutes by car from JR Kagoshima Main Line Kumamoto Station
  3. It is 35 minutes by car from Kumamoto Airport


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