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Facility management laboratory

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Summary of test and research

Development ... of base maintenance technology to support technical advancement and revival from Kumamoto earthquake energy saving of ... gardening facility


 (agriculture facility, the machinery division)

  We study from aspect of facility and machine these days that to become safety and high quality of product, and improvement of productivity is further demanded and supports solution of problem about them in the agricultural production spot with it is our laboratory. Because specific gravity of facility gardening is high in Kumamoto, and influence that trend of oil prices gives for farmhouse management is big, we work on research and development about energy saving technology or environment control technology of facility gardening.

(agriculture engineering works section)

  We research and develop agricultural production base with high productivity while environmental change to surround agriculture farm village is remarkable.

 Development of maintenance technology to enable multidirectional rice field farming, salt water of well water for facility gardening in coastal area work on establishment of use of rainwater carbonated water technology corresponding to becoming, drainage function maintenance technology of earthquake damage rice field.

1. Establishment of the low temperature period measures of facility gardening using latent heat

2. Establishment of drainage function maintenance technique that is available for earthquake damage rice field

3. Development of culvert maintenance technology to enable multidirectional rice field farming

4. Setting and inspection of facility gardening irrigation water facility of coastal area

5. Various investigations pertaining to agriculture base maintenance business


(agriculture facility, the machinery division)

Tomato energy saving

Energy saving of warming tomato by latent heat heat storage materials

 (agriculture engineering works section)

The non-land

The non-land situation of rice field

Culvert cleaningUnderdrainageRainwater water tank

Culvert maintenance technology of rice field

The culvert cleaning situation

Rainwater water tank of consecutive ridge house


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