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Person in charge of illness insect study 

Study ... to investigate use of division-proof, natural enemy of ... disease and pest
 We elucidate life of pest occurring in paddy-rice, vegetables, flowers and examine technique of agriculture and assembling of effective prevention technology by drug dispersion. In addition, we push forward establishment of prevention technology in accord with environment using natural enemy and microbe.

 1. Establishment of saving of labor, gennoyakubojogijutsu of paddy-rice pest
 2. Prevention technology development of vegetables, flower analogous case of a disease pest
 3. Prevention technology development of invasion pest
 4. Development of damage prevention technology of various viral diseases that pest transmits
Photograph of brown planthopper and damage (tsuboko)

Brown planthopper and damage (tsuboko)

torukogikyo spot blotch (1)torukogikyo spot blotch (2)

torukogikyo spot blotch (1)

torukogikyo spot blotch (1)

Larva of tsumajirokusayotouDamage of tsumajirokusayotou

Larva of tsumajirokusayotou

Damage of tsumajirokusayotou

Photograph of damage of Tome black kite swarms and rice streak
Damage of rice streak that Laodelphax striatellus and this species transmit

Photograph of cigarette whiteflyPhotograph of watermelon which damage of gourds chlorosis etiolation disease includedPhotograph of melon which damage of gourds chlorosis etiolation disease includedPhotograph of sukyuri which damage of gourds chlorosis etiolation disease included
Damage (from the left watermelon, melon, cucumber) of gourds chlorosis etiolation disease which cigarette whitefly and this species transmit

Preliminary guess instruction person in charge (Pest Control Office)

 This person in charge is established in pest laboratory and performs pest generating preliminary guess and caution investigation of invasion pest.
 Pest Control Office is installed for the purpose of carrying out duties for overall plant protection based on Plant Protection Law Article 32 generally in 1952 (Showa 27) and carries role as plant protection center in the prefecture.

 1. Grasp of the outbreak situation of pest and offers such as outbreak preliminary guess information based on that
 2. Proper use instruction of pesticide
 3. Plan instruction for prevention that is appropriate at good time
 4. Caution investigation of invasion pest from foreign countries

Photograph of state of patrol investigation of paddy-rice pestPatrol investigation of vegetables pestPatrol investigation of fruit tree pest

Patrol investigation of paddy-rice pest

 Patrol investigation of vegetables pest

Patrol investigation of fruit tree pest

Photograph of net for preliminary guessPrevention place

Net trap (the top) and preliminary guess light (bottom) for preliminary guess

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