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Institute for grassland stock raising

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It is ... for realization of low-cost domestic animal production that used ...-rich grass resources to the maximum

 Makino for about 22,000ha is distributed over Aso area, and about 170 Makino associations use under the common.
 These grass resources are used in pasturage and saiso, and it is with infrastructure which is important to stock raising promotion that is this local key industry. Therefore, in Institute for grassland stock raising, we perform study about improved grassy place and use of native grassland of pasturage and cultivation management of grass represented in Aso outer rim of a volcanic crater area.
 In addition, we participated in "Kumamoto art police plan", and facility of our research institute becomes building which matched scenery of Aso.
Photograph of Institute for grassland stock raising whole viewPasturage scenery of cowhouse and the brown sum class of art police

Institute for grassland stock raising whole view

Pasturage scenery of cowhouse and the brown sum class of art police


Summary of test and research


Realization ... of low-cost domestic animal production that used ...-rich grass resources to the maximum

1. Development of cultivation use technique of grass
 We examine the choice of new kind of main grass (Thor fescue, orchard grass, pereniaruraigurasu) suitable for high altitude area to strengthen production of roughage in improved grassy place.
Photograph of Thor fescuePhotograph of pereniaruraigurasuPhotograph of orchard grass

Thor fescue


      Orchard grass

2. Development of cow production engineering for low cost meat using pasturage

 We perform examination to establish upbringing technology that combined pasturage with early weaning and feed salary technique to reduce concentrated feed by pasturage fatting and breeding management technology for labor saving of breeding management of pasturage cow.
Photograph of state of rectal inspectionPhotograph of carcassPhotograph of pasturage scenery

The pregnancy diagnosis of cow

Beef which was produced by pasturage fatting

Pasturage in native grassland


3. Development of the saving of labor, effective production engineering for regional horse increase in production

 We perform examination using supersonic wave video diagnosis technology and ICT to aim at the production system which even reduction and beginner, elderly person of work force of producer can work on.
FoalPhotograph of state of rectal inspection of horsePhotograph of parent and child of horse
     Foal which was born by artificial insemination     State of artificial insemination of horse         Parent and child of horse

4. Maintenance technique of improved grassy place in our research institute







 At our research institute, we harvest grass from improved grassy place of about 105ha. By using compost produced at research institute as manure positively, try for realization of resources circulation type stock raising.


Grass crop workPhotograph of state of counterattack of compostPhotograph of compost dispersion scenery to grassland

Harvest of grass

Counterattack of compost

Compost dispersion scenery to grassland



5. Examination of maintenance technique of native grassland

 It is about one in Aso area. Native grassland of 30,000ha exists, but becoming goes ahead through idling and the dilapidation. Therefore we utilize native grassland and perform anniversary pasturage fatting and try for maintenance of native grassland. In addition, by performing burning off a field positively, work on maintenance of native grassland.
Native grasslandPasturage scenery in native grasslandBurning off a field
         Native grassland       Pasturage in native grassland         Burning off a field

Summaries such as facilities

Summary Position: Nishiyunoura, Aso-shi (in Aso outer rim of a volcanic crater)
Altitude: 880m - 1,030m
Climate: Annual mean air temperature 10.4 degrees Celsius, annual precipitation 2,690mm
(we calculate value of each month in 2003 through 2012 by association of weather in Japan by estimate in Agricultural Research Center for the cause)
The soil: The class of Atsushi multi-humus black I soil, clay loam
Facility Total area: 2,343,437.00 square meter
Area according to use: Improved grassy place: 104.7ha, natural grassland: 27.2ha, grove of miscellaneous trees, swamp: 81.0ha, protected forest: 5.3ha, facility site: 8.0ha
Building: Study Main Building, breeding cowhouse, fatting examination cowhouse, stable, upbringing examination cowhouse, compost building, dried grass storehouse, the storage of machine, garage, others
Domestic animal head count: Cow for meat: 111 of them, for agricultural use horse: 14 (as of June, 2010)
Contact information

Address: 〒 869-2304 1454, Nishiyunoura, Aso-shi
Phone number 0967-32-1231 (main)
Fax number: 0967-32-4504



  1. Is car than manure line Uchinomaki Station full of JR; about 35 minutes
  2. Is car from Kumamoto Interchange (Kumamoto-shi); about 75 minutes (via milk road)
  3. Is car than Kikuchi-shi (Kikuchi, Kumamoto Regional Promotion Bureau); about 50 minutes (via Kikuchi Aso skyline)


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