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Agricultural Japan Inst. of Systems Res.

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 Agricultural Japan Inst. of Systems Res. works on igusano kind upbringing and improvement of cultivation processing technique as sole "igusa" test and research organization in Japan. In addition, we work on technology development to use functionality of "igusa" "tomato" commencing with test and research about development of the freshness maintenance technology including high quality of "tomato" which is the main crops in flat rice field area "strawberry", the saving of labor stability production engineering and the bare ground vegetables.

 Furthermore, we installed food valley agriculture business center because farm products processing trial manufacture and ingredient analysis, product development, the sixth industry planned support to agriculture business such as consultation correspondence to making toward achievement of Kumamoto prefecture south food valley plan in 2015.

In addition, we founded the igusa spread Curriculum and Guidance Section to gather the spread of cultivation, processing technique instruction system of "igusa" which was special product of the south area of the prefecture from 2016, and to plan efficiency of technical guidance.

We found production information system laboratory to rename research institute name to "agricultural Japan Inst. of Systems Res." from "Institute for i business", and to study high technology development of productivity utilizing ICT in addition from 2017 and aim at contributing to development of area agriculture.

Signboard, main building

Research institute signboard and the main building

Food valley agriculture business center

igusaho groundVegetables house
            igusa examination ho ground            Vegetables examination house

Laboratory introduction

 Agricultural Japan Inst. of Systems Res. (Kagamicho, Yatsushiro-shi)

 Agriculture business support room With new window(external link) Support such as consultation about agriculture business and development
Food valley promotion room With new window(external link)

Promotion of Kumamoto prefecture south food valley plan

 Production information system laboratory

Study on technology development with high productivity utilizing ICT

 igusa laboratory

Establishment of upbringing toigusa cultivation, processing technique of igusa excellence kind
igusano functionality elucidation, design flower straw mat production 

 Vegetables cultivation laboratory 

Study on vegetables cultivation in flat rice field zone and freshness maintenance

 The igusa spread Curriculum and Guidance Section

The spread, instruction of igusano cultivation, processing technique

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Summaries such as facilities

Summary Position: 363, Kagamimachikagamimura, Yatsushiro-shi
The topography: Flatness, delta-related low land (old reclaimed land)
Altitude: 3m
Climate: Annual mean air temperature 17.0 degrees Celsius/annual precipitation 2,194mm
(we calculate value of each month in 2003 through 2012 by association of weather in Japan by estimate in Agricultural Research Center for the cause)
The soil: Infinitesimal grain gurai soil (national soil series name: sangushitato)
(base material of the soil: fault corps grain-related product rock, distinction of dryness and moisture: and a half ill-drained paddy)
Facility Total area: 46,917.66 square meter
The ho scene product: 11,200 square meters of rice fields, field 9,900 square meters

Study Main Building experiment ridge, processing experiment ridge, gardening work ridge, rush work ridge, energy saving rush dry facility, original grass storage sorting investigation ridge, dyeing waste fluid disposal facility, compost building, tsuneontsuneshitsushitsu, the training building, exhibition room
Seven glasshouses, plastic greenhouse four, compound environmental control house four

One food valley agriculture business center

Contact information

Address: 〒 869-4201

Phone number 0965-52-0372 (main)
Fax number: 0965-52-7993


  1. It is 15 minutes by car from Kyushu Expressway Hikawa smart interchange
  2. It is 20 minutes by car from Kyushu Expressway Yatsushiro interchange
  3. It is five minutes by taxi from JR Kagoshima Main Line Arisa (Arisa) station
  4. It is 20 minutes by car from JR Kyushu Shinkansen Shin-Yatsushiro Station




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