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Fruit tree research institute

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 Fruit tree research institute performs technology development that aimed at the selection, upbringing of superior fruit tree kind that can support request of the new times and stability production of delicious fruit.
 Evergreen fruit tree laboratory dealing with citrus mainly, fallen leaves fruit tree laboratory dealing with fallen leaves fruit tree including pear and peach, illness insect chemistry laboratory treating pest prevention and fertilization technology, environmental conservation connection work.

Fruit tree research institute
Facility whole view

Photograph of citrus fruit "Tachibana" native to Japan
Citrus fruit "Tachibana" native to Japan
(in front of fruit tree research institute)

It is photograph of "manure is rich" nucellus embryo plant raised from a seed of marine bioluminescence
New kind
"It is full of nucellus embryo plants raised from a seed of "marine bioluminescence" of manure"

Laboratory introduction

 Fruit tree research institute (Matsubasemachi, Uki-shi)

 Evergreen fruit tree laboratory Test and research about evergreen fruit tree (citrus)
 Fallen leaves fruit tree laboratory Test and research about fallen leaves fruit tree (pear, chestnut, persimmon, grape, peach, plum)
 Illness insect chemistry laboratory Soil structure of fruit tree, test and research about pest prevention

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Summary Position: Matsubasemachitoyofuku, Uki-shi
Altitude: 50m
Climate: Annual mean air temperature 16.4 degrees Celsius/annual precipitation 2,074mm
(we calculate from actual value by fruit tree research institute observation from 2003 through 2012)
The soil: kei*do which assumed biotite gneiss base material
Facility Total area: 241,219.91 square meter
The ho scene product: 174,000 square meters of orchards
Building area: 5,826 square meters in total
(study Main Building, the training building, the spot waiting room, work building, compost building, storehouse, greenhouse, glass room, others various)
Contact information

Address: 〒 869-0524 2566, Matsubasemachitoyofuku, Uki-shi, Kumamoto
Phone number 0964-32-1723
Fax number: 0964-33-1575


  1. Is car than Kyushu Expressway Matsuhashi Interchange; three minutes
  2. It is ten minutes by taxi from JR Kagoshima Main Line Matsubase Station
  3. Is car than matsukyosanko bus office; ten minutes (transfer for Kumamoto Kotsu Center with limousine from Kumamoto Airport matsukyosankoeigyoshoshitasha)


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