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Illness insect chemistry laboratory

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Summary of test and research

 In the soil manure section, we study effective fertilization method, nitrogen, phosphoric acid under nourishment menstruation, warming and the multi-cultivation condition of tree body, possibility of quantity of fertilization reduction of Cali.
 In pest section, we study development of life elucidation for difficulty prevention pest and effective prevention technology, development of general prevention technology that put prevention technology of natural enemy and agriculture together.
Photograph of state of study of prevention system of fruit tree blight

Photograph about development of fertilization technology

Development (in the right blight fruit tree) of prevention system of fruit tree blight

Improvement (in the lower right effect of a fertilizer adjustment type manure) of fertilization technology

We investigate the outbreak situation and prevention effect of blight and develop effective prevention technology system.

We develop effective fertilization technology corresponding to warming and seat multi-cultivation.

Photograph about prevention system by use of natural enemy

Photograph of analysis scenery of tree body nourishment ingredient

General prevention system (in the right trap for turnip retick) by use of natural enemy

Analysis scenery of tree body nourishment ingredient

We utilize turnip reAcari which is natural enemy of citrus red mite and develop gennoyakubojotaikei.

We analyze leaf, the soil ingredient to clarify effect that the fertilization method, soil management give to tree body.

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