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 In Institute for Kuma agriculture, we study cultivation technology for kohinshitsuyasuteitashuseisan which is correct in the weather, land peculiar to Kuma area, ordinary crops, vegetables, tea suitable for management condition, the excellence kind choice of fallen leaves fruit tree and the characteristic.
 Furthermore, we examine the saving of labor, low cost production engineering and study mainly on applied assembling proof for the spread, practical use of new technology.
Photograph of Institute for Kuma agriculture main buildingPhotograph of the excellent kind choice investigation of paddy-ricePhotograph of tea plantation stand limit with large hammer knife
     Institute for Kuma agriculture main building      Growth investigation of paddy-rice kind  Tea plantation stand limit with large hammer knife


Summary of test and research

Rice field product section

 The choice of rice field crops (paddy-rice, soybean, wheat) excellence kind suitable for Kuma area

  1. We choose paddy-rice and soybean suitable for climate of Kuma area, excellent new kind of wheat and examine about the cultivation method.
  2. We investigate the growth situation of kind that is cultivated a lot in Kuma area and check relations with the weather and provide as local instruction information.

Photograph of state of rice field
Paddy-rice examination rice field

 Local adaptability and tashugijutsu such as feed stored rice enabling use of altitude of rice field

  1. We choose excellent variety that it is for non-staple food suitable for Kuma area (the one for shochu, feed) of rice and examine about rice-transplanting time or way of manure.
  2. About kind to be suitable for non-staple food stored rice, we examine about rice-transplanting time by cigarette raising the second crop and way of manure.

Photograph of feed stored rice
Non-staple food stored rice


 Tea business section

 The choice of tea excellence kind corresponding to the mechanization management system of Kuma area

  1. We choose excellent kind of tea which fitted Kuma area.
  2. We investigate growth and the vermination situation of tea and use for judgment of the crops of the year and provide as local instruction material.

Photograph of sprout of tea
The growth situation of sprout of tea

 Proof of improvement in quality technology by tea plantation environment improvement in Kuma area

 Condition of the soil considerably gets worse around tea plantation which we went ahead through of the age of a tree and reduces quality of tea.
 Therefore we examine the cause in the soil improvement by the soil diagnosis result.
 In addition, we perform including the cultivation method to coat tea tree in kanrei* ten days ago from crop 7th and consider about improvement in quality effect by them.


Photograph of tea plantationPhotograph of large-scale tea plantation management machine
            Tea plantation of the first tea-picking time period          Tea plantation management with large machine


Fruit tree section

 The choice of premature delivery peach excellence kind suitable for greenhouse culture of Kuma area

  We choose excellent kind of premature delivery peach suitable for tunnel house cultivation and examine about the cultivation management.

Photograph of premature delivery peach
The excellent kind choice of premature delivery peach

 It is high quality and is developed technique low cost in premature delivery peach greenhouse culture of Kuma area

  We examine about harvest of premature delivery peaches proper time in tunnel house cultivation.

Photograph of tunnel house cultivation of peach
Tunnel house cultivation of peach

 Development of high-quality production engineering corresponding to consumers needs of chestnut in Kuma area

  The weather, kind, the age of a tree, growing power of a tree, crop sort fruits and, about putrefactive cause of chestnut, are checking relations with shipment methods.

Photograph of fuhaika of chestnutPhotograph of fuhaika of chestnut
fuhaika of chestnut 

 Establishment of the production, use technology of nihonguri "porotan" where the inner skin is easy to come off

  About new kind "porotan", we examine about method and method of the pruning to have of narienka early.

Photograph of chestnut new article class "porotan"
Chestnut new article class "porotan"

Summaries such as facilities

Summary Position: Asagiri-cho, Kuma-gun (the topography: fault basin (Hitoyoshi Basin), alluvial fan-related plateau)
Altitude: 166m
Climate: Annual mean air temperature 15.6 degrees Celsius/annual precipitation 2,473mm
(we calculate actual value of each month in 2003 through 2012 by association of weather in Japan in Agricultural Research Center for the cause)
The soil: The outer layer multi-humus high humidity black I soil
Facility Total area:

107,467.84 square meter

The ho scene product: 24,200 square meters of rice fields, field 12,100 square meters, tea plantation 21,800 square meters, orchard 21,600 square meters, grassland others 18,800 square meters
Building area: 9,700 square meters (study Main Building, the training room, management room, each search room, work machine hangar, glasshouse, compost building, garage)
Contact information   Address: 〒 868-0422 2248-16, Uekita, Asagiri-cho, Kuma-gun
Phone number 0966-45-0470 (main)
Fax number: 0966-45-2944
E-mail: noukenkuma29@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp


  1. Use of train
    kumagawa railroad Asagiri Station gets off by way of Hisatsu Line Hitoyoshi Station from JR Kagoshima Main Line Yatsushiro Station (car from station about eight minutes)
  2. Use of car
    We turn right at Route 219 Asagiri station square intersection from Kyushu length crop easy method Hitoyoshi interchange (car from Hitoyoshi IC about 25 minutes)


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