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Contact information to site webmaster

〒861-1113 3801, Sakae, Koshi-shi, Kumamoto
Kumamoto Agricultural Research Center Planning and Coordination Department plan Information Systems Section
Tel: 096-248-6423 Fax: 096-248-7039
E-Mail address noukenkikaku28@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp



  1. When it is made inquiry by 1 email, we are very grateful, but we write the next matter and ask you.
  2. (1) Address
  3. (2) Full name
  4. (3) Phone number
  5. (4) E-Mail address  
  6. Person that 2 visits are hoped for look at this page.
  7. You are not expected about inquiry to have nothing to do with 3 agriculture and test and research directly. 
  8. Please refer to the agriculture spread, promotion section of each place for 4 normal farming consultation.
     (agriculture spread, promotion section of link → each place) 
  9. When you hesitate about judgment, please inform of which 5 departments we should e-mail to the site webmaster mentioned above.
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About homepage

We establish this homepage (subsite) for the purpose of public information of dispatch and test and research business of farming technique information.

  • We establish this homepage to official homepage server of Kumamoto.
  • You publish link from this site to be useful for collection of information inside and outside the prefecture about agriculture, but please use by each responsibility about linked information.

We relate to this page

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Agricultural Research Center
Telephone: 096-248-6423
Fax: 096-248-7039
Email noukenkikaku28@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
(ID: 1122)
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