Please utilize care insurance service user burden reduction system by social welfare corporation!

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User burden reduction system pertaining to care insurance service for people having difficulty with living by social welfare corporation

1. Summary of system

 As for this business, social welfare corporation performing care service reduces user burden as part of the social role to plan utilization promotion of care insurance service for person having difficulty in living with low income. 
 Proportion of reduction is a quarter principle (old-age welfare pension recipient includes accommodation expenses of caring entrance life in a half, residence costs (short term of private room of welfare recipients.about) the total amount) of user burden (care service fee 10% burden, the food expenses, residence costs (accommodation expenses), the hotel charges).
 In addition, periodical patrol adds correspondence model visit care nursing, compound model service to target service at any time from April 1, 2012.

2. Target service (as for ※ seal including care preventive service)

(1)Visit care※
(3)Short-term entrance life care※
(4)Periodical patrol, occasional correspondence model visit care nursing
(5)Visit care-adaptive in the night
(6)Authority of dementia-response model place care※
(7)Small scale multifunctional model home care※
(8)Person of community-based care for the elder welfare facilities entrance life care
(9)Compound model service
(10)Care welfare facilities service
(11)Authority of local coherence type place care
(12)Business equivalent to care preventive visit (tsusho) care among the first visit (tsusho) business

3. Eligible people

 With welfare recipients and inhabitants' tax household tax exemption, they meet the following requirements and consider the situation of income and household, user burden generally, and it is admitted living by difficulties and the municipalities, and "social welfare corporation is issued with identification of user burden reduction confirmation" from the municipalities.
 Social welfare corporation reduces fee based on contents of identification of confirmation for user who presented identification of confirmation concerned.

[main requirements]
・Being inhabitants' tax tax exemption person (person that user burden is reduced as special elderly nursing home old measures entrance person substantially is excluded.) .
・Annual income being sum that added 500,000 yen whenever 1.5 million yen, member of household one increase alone in household or less.
・Deposits and savings being sum that added 1 million yen whenever 3.5 million yen, member of household one increase alone in household or less.
・There not being assets which can conjugate other than the assets to offer for everyday life.
・Do not be supported by relatives with ability for defrayal.
・Do not be behind with care premium.        nado

4. Flow until reduction conduct


5. Contact information

 To municipality to live when application of reduction is hoped for grant application of "identification of user burden reduction confirmation is necessary for social welfare corporation".
 About necessary procedure contents, ask care insurance department in charge of municipality to live.

6. List of social welfare corporation enforcing reduction system and target service offices

 Our system is applied only to service that social welfare corporation doing proposal of reduction carries out.     
 Because this business is established for the purpose of performing social work, and tax break is lectured on, social welfare corporation is institutionalized as the conduct main constituent under the thought with the original mission, and burden on low-income person thing reducing is system carried out nationwide.
 We understand purpose of system, and I would like business operation.
 In addition, please submit to attachment "offer book" style to office (facility) location head of municipality with Governor Kumamoto after entry beforehand when reduction business is carried out.
 In addition, there is system that the municipalities support about a part for reduction that social welfare corporation was born. About procedures about the furtherance concerned, please confirm in care insurance department in charge of the municipalities which are insurer of service user.

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Department of Health and Social Services Division for Dementia and Community Care Promotion
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