Use of specific history official document system

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  We established the regulations (we say "the regulations" as follows.) about management such as Kumamoto administration documents in March, 2011 to place administrative documents as "intellectual resources of citizen of the prefecture joint ownership" in Kumamoto, and to perform the appropriate management, and to plan appropriate preservation of history official document and the use.

  In the regulations, we maintained new systems such as imposition of administrative (corporation) document file management book (note 1), making such as administrative (corporation) document management advisories (note 2) and public announcement, the use system of identification history official document.

  With specific history official document, the staff such as the prefecture and local incorporated administrative agency was transferred to the governor (Prefectural Information and Archives Division) among documents which were important as making or history material which we acquired in the course of duties and started the use system from July 31, 2013.

(note 1) classification, name of administrative (corporation) document file management book ... administration (corporation) document, measures when preservation period expired on day when preservation period expired during preservation period and account book which listed preservation places
(note 2), after 2012 when administrative (corporation) document management advisory ... regulations became the full-scale enforcement, report the situation of management of mention situation or other administration documents of administration (corporation) document file management book to degree, the governor every year

Use of 1 request object list

"Administrative document file and specific history official document information retrieval" (please click. Search and narrowing of specific history official document are possible.)

 Person who wants to see only catalog is this
  ◎Specific history official document list (the governor bureau, central government office) which was transferred in 2012
    PDF [PDF file/361KB]    Excel [EXCEL file/1.65MB]  

  ◎Specific history official document list which was transferred in 2013

   (1)The governor bureau, central government office

     PDF [PDF file/422KB]    Excel [EXCEL file/1.19MB]

   (2)The governor bureau, local agencies of the national government※  

      PDF [PDF file/114KB] With new window     Excel [EXCEL file/91KB] With new window
   (3)Board of Education Secretariat※ 

      PDF [PDF file/49KB] With new window       Excel [EXCEL file/44KB] With new window    

   (4)Labour Relations Commission※ 

   PDF [PDF file/8KB] With new window     Excel [EXCEL file/16KB] With new window

     Note) ※Seal for this time addition  


Method of request for use of 2

  There is the use request even to anyone by coming over to window of electronic application, mail, fax or prefectural office the first floor of the new building information plaza directly. But, please understand beforehand as we need the days before the use decision after the request for use.

(electronic application)

  After clicking "administrative document file and specific history official document information retrieval" mentioned above, and having searched document, please perform electronic application from "request for use" (yorozu application).

 (mail, fax)

  You download the following "use bill styles", and, after entry, please send in the next address.

 Word "The use bill style" [WORD file/40KB]

○Mailing address: 862-8570 (we do not need address)    Kumamoto Prefectural Information and Archives Division

○Fax transmission point: 096-384-6552


Flows from request for use of 3 to the use

 Request for use → Reception desk → Examination → Decision (from acceptance day principle less than 15 days) → Notice → The use (reading, grant of copying)

・  As for the cases that personal information is recorded other than "use of all" in decision contents, decision called "use of all limit" may be done "the partial use". When decision for request for use includes dissatisfaction, we can do formal objection.


About use of 4

○ The use time (information plaza)

 It is from half past 8 a.m. of Monday through Friday (from year-end and New Year (December 29 except January 3) and holiday) to 5:00 p.m.

○ Usage

・  We perform in reading staff observer, information plaza.

  Carrying out to the information plaza outside of the original is not possible. In addition, we may not read the original depending on state of case and *satsu of the partial use.

・ You use after having identified necessary document in kofu*satsu of copying, and please request. Please bear copying making expenses according to mention to "5 expenses" according to pages of necessary document.


5 expenses

  When grant of copying is hoped for, the following rates are needed.

Black and white

It is 10 yen per one

To A3 seal


It is 30 yen per one

To A3 seal


  In addition, the postage is necessary separately when mail is hoped for.


 6 paperwork points

(1) Word The paperwork point [WORD file/324KB] about the use procedure for specific history official document

(2) Word Examination standard [WORD file/109KB] pertaining to disposal for request for use of specific history official document

(3) Word Kumamoto administration documents the board of supervisors formal objection deliberation point [WORD file/133KB]


About the situation of 7 preservation and use

 The situation of preservation of specific history official document and the use is as follows.

  • PDF About the situation of preservation of specific history official document in 2013 and the use With new window(PDF: 61.7 kilobytes)

    About introduction of 8 other facilities

    ○ Cooperation with prefectural library

     In prefectural library, we have jurisdiction over native district material and administrative material. We possess about 40,000 points of ancient documents including prefectural government information about prefectural important cultural property (official document, records) from land ledger of Kato, Hosokawa Era and the Meiji early years kept before the war by the prefectural office to 1918. We make some duplicate books and offer for general reading and are utilized as this prefectural modern history data for the study.

     ※ About book of prefectural library possession, we can search on library homepage. We compile prefectural government material as "Kumamoto land tax officer classified collection in book form" for the Meiji Taisho era period.

     (example) as there is much number, for example, list of appears when want to see record of southwest position of 1877 when search in <kumahonkenkobunruisanseinankoreyaku>.

    Homepage of prefectural library is this place

○ Cooperation with Museum Network Center

 In Kumamoto, we install Kumamoto Museum Network Center in 2015 and, commencing with construction operation of store information database which we can share at the prefecture museums, carry out the skill up training for curators of combination plan exhibition and prefecture Museum, and museum and cooperation in the prefecture cooperate and decide to let you activate museum activity in whole prefecture.

Welcome page of Museum Network Center With new window(external link)


9 and others

○ Information materials

Information materials [PDF file/92KB] pertaining to July 29, 2013PDF use system start


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