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Approach of victim support "house of all" in Kumamoto wide area flooding harm


 Aso transferred building to "house of all", and it was decided that it inflected as public hall, meeting place.

  Aso "house of all" adds to temporary housing so that it is in place that local various places gather as victim support of Kumamoto wide area flooding harm, and can rest, and in November, 2012

We built. Because grant period of 2 years was expired, we discussed new profit method to conjugate with hometown.

 As a result, it continues from hometown and there is request that we want to use and one moves place as public hall of damaged district and utilizes one as meeting place of municipal house

It will be done. We start construction in around June, and transference is going to be over in autumn at the time.


["Home-for-All (Minna-no Ie) in Aso" to reborn!! ]

Two temporary wooden buildings called "Home-for-All in Aso" were built to support flood victims in November 2012.

As the term of those structures was two years, we have discussed utilization method after the expiration of the period with local residents.

Finally, One will be converted to a meeting place of municipal housings, and the other will be a community center in the affected area.

Relocation and conversion of them will start in around June and end in early autumn.


Aso "house of all" project


Takada district "house of all" Ikejiri, Higashiikejiri district "house of all" The situation of local discussion

Takada house

Ikejiri, Higashiikejiri house

The situation of local discussion



 <process of Aso "house of all" construction>

  Request for of people suffered from Toyo Ito and others of Commissioner Kumamoto art police in world-famous architects as reconstruction aid after the Great East Japan Earthquake

"House of all" which receives, and was built in Sendai is opportunity.

  It inflects now as base for regional activation without remaining in victim support in Tohoku.

  Space such as heartfelt warm living room where we make use of know-how of this time in the Aso area, and people suffered from are healed considers that necessary and builds.


<method of transference construction>

  We demolish building carefully and utilize reusable material.

  Material which is reusable after the transference big wood such as (1) pillar, beam, (2) sink and toilet, facilities apparatuses such as lighting equipments, (3) window.

  ※After transferring foundations of tree stake (temporary construction); to steel reinforced concrete. In addition, wall and roof materials use new materials.



The governor regular news conference

 On May 7, 2015, it was given a presentation on these contents by the governor regular news conference.

 About interview contents, we are going to be published in the following homepages later.

 ▼Homepage of the governor regular news conference


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