Please be careful about heat stroke! We would like calling toward the neighborhood!

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Point of the heat stroke prevention


Please be careful about heat stroke! We would like calling toward the neighborhood!

About heat stroke preventive action of 2020 (Raiwa 2)

 In late years a lot of health hazards due to heat stroke are reported, and it is important to make sure of heat stroke prophylaxis at time when day with high temperature continues in the future.

 2020 (Raiwa 2) in particular in the new coronavirus infectious disease measures colloquium of May 4, 2020 (Raiwa 2) "new lifestyle" that "assumed new model coronavirus is shown, and it is demanded that practice lifestyle that take measures, and was able to enter such as each one avoiding security of (1) physical distance which is basics of three of prevention of infection, wearing of (2) mask, (3) hand-washing and 3 dense (crowd, closeness, sealing) in future.

 It is important this summer to be careful about heat stroke more than usual because there is under the different living environment until now.

 Let's keep the heat stroke prevention in mind more than before while performing enough infectious disease prevention.


Heat stroke preventive action of 2020

[point of heat stroke preventive action in "new lifestyle"]

Let's avoid 1 heat

 ・While, for the infectious disease prevention, securing ventilation by ventilation fan and window opening,        

  We coordinate temperature setting of air-conditioner diligently

 ・We do not overdo it in hot day and time

Let's take off 2 appropriate masks

 ・Temperature, humid mask wearing are to watch out

 ・When we can secure enough distance (2 meters or more) with people outdoors,

  We take off mask 

3 will drink water diligently

 ・We drink water before being thirsty                                      

 ・1 per day. Using 2 liters as an indication


Let's take care of ourselves from around 4th

 ・Usually the temperature measurement, healthy check


Let's make bodies for 5 heat

 ・Become hot; from time of the beginning moderately exercise



※[Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare] <point of heat stroke preventive action in "new lifestyle"> https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/0000121431_coronanettyuu.html



The prevention is important for heat stroke!



Product for elderly people
◇Let's be careful about the heat stroke prevention about three of next!


 Even if of course is not thirsty if exercise, as for the sports drinks,

 Let's supply water diligently.

(2)Wearing of parasol and hat

 When we work outdoors, we wear hat and parasol, and let's use the shade.

 In addition, let's take break diligently.                 

(3)Good use of air-conditioners

 About 40% of heat stroke occurs in the room, and, as well as the daytime, attention is necessary by night.

  We use air-conditioner and electric fan well and will prevent the room from being filled with heat.


※Day when it is humid even if temperature is not high and day when wind is weak,

  When body is not used to heat, attention is necessary.

  Let's keep brisk hydration in mind without being careless!

                                           [Ministry of the Environment] May you not think heat stroke ...? ...

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    If suffer from heat stroke; ...

    ◇If people in circumference suffer from heat stroke,
     Let's cope as follows.
    (1)When reaction with consciousness is normal
     We evacuate to cool place
     Unclothe clothes and cool body
     We supply water, salt
    ※When we cannot drink water by oneself or symptom is not improved
     Let's call for ambulance immediately.
    (2)When we are not unconscious, and reaction is funny
     We call for ambulance
     We evacuate to cool place
     Unclothe clothes and cool body
     We convey to medical institution

    Other heat stroke prevention enlightenment tools


    • Waterer image

    ◇Waterer guidance indication
     We have waterer guidance indication conjugate,
     Please call for brisk hydration.


    • ※ In addition, as the heat stroke preventive spread enlightenment materials are published in the following related site
    •  We have you inflect and ask you to cooperate with heat stroke preventive enlightenment.



    ◇Related site about the heat stroke prevention

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