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Election enlightenment work contest that is bright in 2020

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Announcement of election enlightenment work contest that is bright in 2020

  In, through making such as posters about election that is well acquainted with the small, junior high student, high school student, having you interest in election, and promoting future bright election,
  For the purpose of utilizing original, impressive offer work as enlightenment to citizen of the prefecture, we carry out this contest. 

With bright election

  Many everybodies are interested in politics and election alone and we advance and participate in vote, and election is performed justly without violating rule.

Offer contents

  1 poster
   (1)Theme: Under the theme of calling for "bright election" from scene of vote or imminent experience images of thought and request for election
         We express this freely and describe.
   (2)Eligible people: The small, junior high student, high school student
   (3)Paper: Thing of size equivalent running out of four (542mm *382mm), running out of eight (382mm *271mm) or that of drawing paper.
         As for the drawing materials, free (not precocious only only for paint materials including paper and cloth)
  2 calligraphy
   (1)Theme: Subjects according to each school year are as follows      


 Eligible people


 Third grader

Fourth grader

Fifth grader

Sixth grader

Seventh grader

Eighth grader

Ninth grader


"The leading role"


"One vote of power"

"Vote participation"

"Bright election"

"18 years old election"


   (2)Eligible people: From third grader to junior high school third grader
   (3)Paper: The sum standard size Japanese paper (33cm *24cm) 

Application method

  ・When we apply in individuals: To house ino municipalities Election Administration Committee
  ・When we apply collectively at school: To the municipalities Election Administration Committee of the school location

Application period

  From Monday, May 11, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Friday, September 11, 2020 (Raiwa 2)

Offer guidance


Election enlightenment work contest anthology which is bright in 2019


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Various committee Election Administration Committee
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Fax: 096-385-1170
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