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Prior common knowledge (The "My Number" Individual Number system is about to begin in Japan) of my number system for foreign inhabitants

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"My number" has been sent from October!  Individual Number mailing will begin in October!

 In Japan, "my number" system starts soon.

 My number is necessary for procedure for government offices with only number to one; is important.

 Envelope has been sent to home of everybody from October, 2015 by the municipalities.

 "Notice card" which my number was written enters envelope.


  The "My Number" Individual Number sysytem is about to begin in Japan.

  The Individual Numbers, each one unique to its holder, are important because they are required for procedures at municipal offices, etc.

  From October 2015 on, your municipality will mail an envelope to your residence (at the address registered therewith).

  The envelope contains a "Notification card" with your Individual Number on it. 


 [envelope (Envelope)]

 [notice card (Notification Card)]

 Notice card (the face)Notice card (the back)



Please value my number!  Handle your Individual Number with care!

 Please keep carefully without throwing away "notice card", and bursting.

 As my number is not used illegally, please do not tell other people your my number without need.


  Keep your Notification Card at hand and be careful not to throw it away or tear it.

  To avoid illegitimate use of your Individual Number, do not tell it to others except as required.



You can get "personal number card"!  "Individual Number Cards" will be available!

 My number is written on "personal number card" and becomes identification card.

 Depending on the municipalities, we can get resident's card at convenience store and are very convenient.

 You write thing that is necessary for application which arrives with "notice card" to get "personal number card", and please send back.


  Your "Individual Number Card" also serves as an ID card bearing your Individual Number.

  In some municipalities, convenient options like having convenience stores issue residence certificates are available.

  To apply for an "Individual Number Card", fill in and send back the application provided with the "Notification Card".


 [personal number card (Individual Number Card)]

 Personal number card (the face)Personal number card (the back)


 [application (Application)]

 Application (the face)Application (the back)



Why don't you not have possibilities to know?  If you have any questions

 You see homepage below, or please call to phone number below.

  Go to the site below, or call the number below.


 [homepage (Web site)] <Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)>


 [call center (Call center)]

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