Kumamoto veterinarian internship

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Kumamoto veterinarian internship

 In Kumamoto, we hold internship targeting at students of veterinarian department (course), and many students participate every year.
 Through this internship, animal hygiene of this prefecture deepens understanding to administration and holds for the purpose of having you know charm of this prefecture.


Target person

 Internship unites the above-mentioned purpose, and there is request from universities where student or student belongs to and does student meeting the next condition with person of object.

  1. Person who took an entrance examination for Kumamoto staff (veterinarian) employment examination, and was designated unofficially or person who was recommended to charge professors in curriculum 1-5 school year of university of veterinarian line
  2. Person who is interested in animal hygiene administration or person who hopes for employment to Kumamoto
  3. Person who is judged to be sure to observe service rules


Acceptance condition

  1. The acceptance number of people
    We can accept intern in the range of budget.
  2. Expense pertaining to the training
    Transportation expenses about internship and the hotel charges (for room charge. The food expenses minute is excluded and pays) based on the travel expenses official regulations of the prefecture. Please bear to intern about expense except this.
  3. The service observance
    Intern obeys service rules of the prefecture during internship, and please follow instruction, supervisor of acceptance.
  4. Secret maintenance
    Intern must not leak secret that we were able to know during internship. It is said that it is similar after the training.



 We carry out several times of almost one-week training every year at time from August through September.

 We accepted in following four sittings (each person one sitting five days) in 2018.
 (1) It is Friday, August 10 from Monday, August 6, 2018
 (2) It is Friday, August 24 from Monday, August 20, 2018
 (3) It is Friday, September 7 from Monday, September 3, 2018


Application procedure

 We publish the application point in Kumamoto homepage in around April and guide every year to each veterinarian system university.

 Guidance of 2018 Kumamoto veterinarian internship offer We open with the other windowfrom this


The past acceptance results

 InternshipThe participation number of peopleNative place University
2011From August 15 to August 19


Kitasato University
From August 29 to September 2


Kitasato University, University of Miyazaki
From September 5 to September 9


Hokkaido University, Yamaguchi University
University of Miyazaki, Azabu University
From February 27 to March 2


Rakuno Gakuen University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2012From August 6 to August 10


Nihon University, Kagoshima University
From August 20 to August 24


Kitasato University, Nihon University, Yamaguchi University
From August 27 to August 31


Kitasato University
From September 3 to September 7


Azabu University, Tottori University
From September 10 to September 14


Gifu University, University of Miyazaki
From February 25 to March 1


Tottori University
2013From August 19 to August 23


Nihon University, Kagoshima University
From August 26 to August 30


Iwate University, Gifu University
From September 9 to September 13


Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Nihon University
Kagoshima University
2014From August 18 to August 22


Azabu University, Yamaguchi University
From August 25 to August 29


Azabu University, Iwate University
From September 1 to September 5


Yamaguchi University, Rakuno Gakuen University
From September 8 to September 12


Rakuno Gakuen University, Iwate University
2015From August 3 to August 7


Nihon University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
From August 17 to August 21


Nihon University, Iwate University
From August 31 to September 4


Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Azabu University, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
From September 14 to September 18


Kagoshima University
2016From August 15 to August 19


Azabu University, Kitasato University, University of Miyazaki
From August 29 to September 2


Azabu University, Nihon University
From September 12 to September 16


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Iwate University
2017From August 14 to August 18


University of Miyazaki, Nihon University
From August 28 to September 1


Azabu University, Tottori University
From September 11 to September 15


Kagoshima University, Azabu University
2018From August 6 to August 10


University of Miyazaki, the University of Tokyo
From August 20 to August 24


Kitasato University
From September 3 to September 7


Rakuno Gakuen University, University of Miyazaki
Azabu University



An example of curriculum

 We introduce an example of internship curriculum.


The training contents

The first day

<the prefectural office Livestock Division, Public Health Emergencies Management Division>
・Stock raising and public sanitation duties summaries

<central Livestock Hygiene Office>
・Each section business explanation (board of health, prevention of epidemics section, inspection section)

  Hygiene business
  The livestock epidemic prevention business
  Inspection business

The second day

<Aso Livestock Hygiene Office>
・Local hygiene regime maintenance business
(we go around breeding cow breeding farmhouse and carry out examination such as breeding disorders)

The third day

<Uki public health center>
・Business explanation
(food sanitation, life hygiene, animal protection)
・Visit of horse abattoir
Institute of Public-Health and Environmental Science
・Business explanation, the experience-based training
(duties experience of department of microbe science)

The fourth day

Meat Inspection Office
・Business explanation, visit to facility
<central Livestock Hygiene Office BSE inspection station>
・Business explanation, visit to facility
<Institute for Agricultural Research Center stock raising>
・Business explanation, study program

The fifth day

<central Livestock Hygiene Office>
・Inspection section duties (virus, bacteria, pathology, each biochemical section)
(specialized duties introduction and the experience-based training to carry out in inspection section)



State of recent internship

The H30 prefectural office 

H29 kahogaiyo

Business explanation at the prefectural office

Business explanation in chuokaho

The laboratory of H29 food The laboratory of H29 food 2

Visit of one and *kensa of Meat Inspection Office

Visit of examination for edible meat inspection station living body

H30BSE inspection station Examination for H30BSE

Visit of BSE inspection station

Visit of examination for BSE

Visit to H30 farm H30 pasturage hygiene

Visit of expo exhibition planned cow

Pasturage hygiene in Aso area

H30 bacteria H30 virus

The experience-based training of bacteriological examination in chuokaho

The experience-based training of examination of virus in chuokaho

H30 pathology H30 pasturage

The experience-based training of pathological examination in chuokaho

Pasturage scenery of Aso area 


Impression of internship from student

  • We intended to decide which prefecture you made and participated. We experienced duties and wanted to actually work in Kumamoto.
  • We felt that everyday learning was connected directly with work.
  • We were troubled with laboratory to belong to, but thought to want to do on the site this time in helpful laboratory on seeing the spot.
  • We were able to know how inspection that had lived on training of university was used on the site.
  • One of horse and pasturage of * and Aso were interesting by duties only in Kumamoto.
  • To hear story about export to U.S., story about HACCP, we felt that consciousness of the staff was thorough to support health code of high quality.
  • We felt that a lot of type of job except veterinarian could spread own knowledge at public health center.
  • By visit to facility of chuokaho, we were surprised at full yellowtail of inspection equipment.
  • We joined farmhouse patrol and, as well as technique, keenly realized importance of Komi two keshon.
  • Certain technique was necessary for veterinarian who worked in kaho, but learned that basic thing based on textbook was important to bring certain technique in the body.
  • We had you talk about correspondence at the time of bird flu outbreak in virus section of inspection section and were able to actually test using chicken egg.
  • We saw charm when we worked as public employee veterinarian in Kumamoto and that beginning when therefore oneself should make what.
  • We experienced about role in society of public employee veterinarian, the importance and more strongly thought that we wanted to become public employee veterinarian.


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