"The third BIKE LOVE FORUM (BLF) in Kumamoto" held report

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We held "the third BIKE LOVE FORUM (BLF) in Kumamoto".                                        

 In Kumamoto where Kumamoto has sacred place, Aso of motorcycle touring with country and the local government concerned, two-wheeled vehicle affiliate on Saturday, September 12,

 We held "the third BIKE LOVE FORUM (BLF) in Kumamoto" under the theme of "let's convey charm of motorcycle more".


Holding summary

 Date and time Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 13:00 to 17:30

 Place Kumamoto Prefectural Community Center Parea parea 10F pareahoru (Tetorihoncho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 8-9)

         ※In addition, street special event space is established in bipuresu open space (the first floor of the bipuresu bear day Hall), center street

 391 participants (record high)


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 Development of Part 1 two-wheeled vehicle industrial policy roadmap
   1) Progress of roadmap
   2) Approach for motorcycle promotion of Kumamoto
   3) "Try in police administration to local symbiosis" to sacred place for riders realization
   4) Road safety education of high school student utilizing two-wheeled vehicle
 Attractive dispatch talk of Part 2 motorcycle
   1) The world of motorcycle spreading in SNS
   2) Proposal to life - young people with motorcycle. Now susume - of motorcycle
   3) Be a Rider! Lifestyle with motorcycle
    ※For details, please refer to this.

bipuresu open space

  We carry out motorcycle panel display to introduce two-wheeled vehicle industry of Kumamoto to, event stage
    ・Display two-wheeled vehicle display (white police motorcycle, EV motorcycle, monkey KUMAMON version)
         Kumamoto riders base project connection PR booth (touring map, transportation of motorcycle trip product with)
         Kumamoto two-wheeled vehicle industrial map, motorcycle process of manufacture panel, Kumamoto two-wheeled vehicle industrial allied company PR panel (five) display
         Stamp rallies
    ・Event stage
        11:00 opening
        11:10 Kumamoto riders base project PR
        11:30 Kumamoto two-wheeled vehicle industrial PR (five)
        12:00 KUMAMON stage, la be rettsua activity report, HONDA green positive society Kumamoto racing 4 participation in a war-resistant report
        Road safety one point advice by 12:40 white police motorcycle corps
        12:50 BLF introduction
        13:20 la berettsua & HONDA green positive society Kumamoto racing race queen photography society
        14:00 father rider talk show
        14:50 HONDA green positive society Kumamoto racing race queen photography society & talk show
        Rider talk show lady's at 15:30
        16:40 la berettsua & HONDA green positive society Kumamoto racing race queen photography society
        16:50 closing
 Whole view Motorcycle display White police motorcycle display

 KUMAMON stage   Race queen photography society   Woman rider talk show

Center street motorcycle display


  Display (12) of two-wheeled vehicle publicizing charm of two-wheeled vehicle to the former rider and indifference layer (woman, young man)

   ※Domestic 4 maker (Kawasaki, sea bass, YAMAHA, Honda), prefectural relations (EV motorcycle, the prefecture racing team machine)


  Photograph 2 Photograph 3 Photograph 4


BIKE LOVE FORUM holding executive committee member (random order)

 Country          : Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
 Local government (6)      : Mie, Suzuka-shi, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-shi, Iwata-shi, Kumamoto
 Two-wheeled vehicle affiliate (8): Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, motorcycle cooperative federations of the whole country,

                                (one) The Japanese two-wheeled vehicle spread security association, Japanese car importers' association, the whole country two-wheeled vehicle article federation,

                                (one) Japanese association of two-wheeled vehicle auction, association of used goods two-wheel car distribution



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