About development of "Kumamoto population vision" and "Kumamoto town, people, work construction broad strategic view"

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We devised "Kumamoto population vision" which became basic plan of local construction of this prefecture and "Kumamoto town, people, job construction broad strategic view".


"Population vision" showed the current situation of population of this prefecture and the future prospects and showed the prospects in the future that we held down 1.176 million and place where it was to decrease to 1.444 million by estimation in conformity with country about population of this prefecture in 2060.


We think that it is important to develop measure without stopping current flow giving result to so that each area in the prefecture develops each while facing extremely difficult theme called response to population decline. Therefore, "making vitality and the employment" which developed that more raised measure along directionality of four to "build future foundation" which "shining in the world" "realizes relief, request for" while doing directionality of "strategy with basics for happiness actual feeling Kumamoto four years" with it was directionality of approach of the next five years and "broad strategic view" that settled measure.


This local construction is not possible only by administrative approach. Also, with industry, educational front, financial institution, labor organization, news media and citizens of the prefecture, it is necessary to develop "broad strategic view" while deepening the municipalities and cooperation.


Citizens of the prefecture realize splendor of life, and, with pride, the prefectural office becomes as one for the "Kumamoto" that is continued living for in peace making of and will promote measure that we raised for this "broad strategic view" with the municipalities and citizens of the prefecture steadily.


October, 2015


Governor of Kumamoto Ikuo Kabashima   


"Kumamoto town, people, work construction broad strategic view" and "Kumamoto population vision"

   We wait and will tell about "Kumamoto town, people, job construction broad strategic view" prescribed in people, work construction method Article 9 and "Kumamoto population vision" as we devised on October 30.



<Kumamoto population vision>

In population vision, reduce birth rate and society decrease when hope, ideal of citizen of the prefecture realized in half of degree for predicted decrease in population by 2020, and population movement sets supposition to be balanced afterwards, and do population in 2060 with around 1.44 million; will show the prospects in the future.


<Kumamoto town, people, work construction broad strategic view>

We gather up basic direction of aim and measure for five years until 2019, concrete measure to realize the future prospects that we showed in population vision by broad strategic view. "Making vitality and the employment" which developed each on the basis of directionality of approach of strategic four for new four years sets directionality of approach of four of which "shining in the world" "realizes relief, request for" "builds future foundation" and, for realization of basic aim, raises concrete measure.


(December, 2016)

 This broad strategic view unified with "Kumamoto restoration, revival four years strategy" that was basic policy of prefectural government.

(March, 2020)

 This broad strategic view to reach the close in 2019 (Raiwa 1) is development surumadeno by basic policy and next broad strategic view that we unified by the end of 2020 (Raiwa 2) 

Interval, we extend.




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